EP 29- The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders

EP 29: The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders with Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan headshotBryan Caplan, CEO, BJC Branding 

Bryan Caplan is the CEO of BJC Branding, providing digital marketing strategy, consulting, and educational workshops to small business owners like you. His passion for helping people coupled with his considerable knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship, led him to create BJC Branding in 2010.

Bryan takes a consultative approach with clients, learning their business model and translating their marketing goals into an impactful digital presence. He is one of the nation’s first Constant Contact Master Certified Local Experts, leveraging Constant Contact’s suite of digital marketing tools to drive visibility and revenue for his clients. A professional and engaging speaker, Bryan also presents digital marketing seminars and keynotes throughout the United States.

Philanthropist at the core, Bryan, along with his wife, Linda, co-founded Fogo Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to bettering the lives of the students of Fogo, Cape Verde.

Under Bryan’s leadership, BJC Branding has evolved to focus on the key elements of Constant Contact Email Marketing, Automated Drip Marketing Email Campaigns, Custom Landing Page Programs, and WordPress Website Design. Using a holistic approach with uncompromising integrity, BJC Branding’s goal is to educate its clients and positively impact their business.


In episode 29 we talk with Bryan Caplan of BJC Branding about the value of landing pages and email marketing autoresponder campaigns. Bryan shares why you should create a landing page, what it should include and how to connect it to a value-driven email marketing autorespodner series.

Key Points & Quotables

1.)  What is a Landing Page:

A landing page is going to hyper target or laser focus on one area that people would want to click through or learn about.

“The whole point of this is to get you into this story and empathize and think, ‘Oh my goodness, this could be me.’” @BJCBranding

There are two types:

  • Long form/click through – Connect with character, tell a story to resonate with.
  • Lead generation page – Used to capture user data.  People are going after one single thing, sole call to action.


2.) Key Elements of a Landing Page:

“Just like any marketing medium, you have a limited amount of time {to capture attention}.” @BJCBranding

“The human mind can process an image or information quicker than the blink of an eye. All of this digital and data overload, we have very limited time to drive a physical and measurable response.”


What needs to be top of mind is building out a landing page program with these 5 things:

  1. Unique Selling Proposition – Main headline.
  2. Hero Shot – Image or video, context of use.
  3. Benefits of Offering – Bullet point list.“The reason you want to use bullet points, it makes it much more digestible.  It’s easier to read and it doesn’t overwhelm the visitor.”  @BJCBranding “Prose or paragraphs can overwhelm people… when we are writing for an audience, we need to make sure that they can understand it, digest it and act upon it.” @BJCBranding
  4.  Social Proof – Examples of others using the same product, service, etc.
  5. Single Conversion Goal
    “The point of a landing page, and really the quintessential thing is your website and emails have links.  This is one link or one action that you want someone to take.”  @BJCBranding

“You choose one call-to-action (CTA) and that is the point of your landing page.”

If you give people too many options {to choose from} they get the analysis paralysis.” @BJCBranding


3.) On Using Testimonials in Your Content Marketing:
“If you can have a face, and not a stock photo but a real face to the testimonial – then you are 5 steps ahead because people are actually personifying it.” @BJCBranding


4.) On Using Multiple Landing Pages:
“Companies with 40 or more landing pages, experience 12X more leads than those with 5 or less landing pages.”  @BJCBranding

“Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your landing page program going to be.” @BJCBranding

“The big thing is figuring out what content you have.”

“It is just like social media, you start with a base and then you start branching out and figuring out, ‘How can I tweak this?’ ‘How can I make this same content but re-purpose it for someone else?’


5.) On Promoting Your Landing Pages:
“It’s the whole, if you build it they will come, but they need to know it is there.” @BJCBranding

Send to your email list, or if it is a lead generation page ask them to share with their own audience.

“Social Media: There is huge value in being social, not talking at the audience, but speaking with them.”  @BJCBranding

“When you look at it at the end of the day, a landing page is a widget, you have to fit it into the system, or engine.”


6.) What Are Autoresponder Campaigns:

Automated email campaigns or autoresponders, are messages sent to go out automatically, when someone joins a list or is added to a list.

“I liken it {auto responders} to the famous line from Ron Popeil, ‘set it and forget it.’”  @BJCBranding

“Your building it (automation) up front, sending out when you sleep and ultimately, its engaging with your audience.”  @BJCBranding

“{Automation campaign} is something that gives you the time and resources that you need to focus on your core functionalities, while your prospects, leads and clients are being engaged by an email.” @BJCBranding

“The big thing with auto responders is that instant gratification. ‘I have just given you my information, what are you doing with it?”


7.) On Having An Autoresponder Welcome Email:

“Now what we have done is not only delivered on our promise, but we have set expectations in a welcome email, telling them what they can expect and how they are going to be part of our email community.”  @BJCBranding


8.) On Setting Expectations When People Join Your List: 

“If you don’t set expectations, that’s when you see a lot of list drop off, unsubscribes and if they are having a really bad day, they are going to click junk or spam.”  @BJCBranding


9.) On Getting People On Your List, Or in a Facebook Group:
“If you don’t anticipate the needs of your audience, then really what you are doing is alienating them, and your next one may be value-add but you are going to lose everyone in the process.”  @BJCBranding


10.) Two Types of Autoresponders Campaigns:

  • Time-based – Birthday / anniversary.
  • Event-based – Clicks on a link, updates information, etc. It does something specifically that you want them to do.

“When someone joins a list they are going to be put on an autoresponder scheme – they will get the welcome email, separate email.” 


 11.)  5 Key Elements of an Email Autoresponder Campaign:

  1. Personal Introduction – You want to be speaking with them.  This is the main point of contact.  This is your point to humanize your business and personalize it.
  2. Email Etiquette – Let them know where and how you got their contact info, how often you are going to send and what they are going to receive.  Set those expectations.
  3. Value Proposition – What do you offer that they can’t get elsewhere? Hint: It isn’t price.
  4. Subliminal Call to Action – A question that requires a response rather than “Click Here”.
  5. Suggested Alternative Course of Action – Secondary Call to Action.


12.) Why Email Autoresponders Work:

“You break it {content}t up in consumable, digestible pieces in a way that is conversational.”

“What you are doing is your building up, your establishing this credibility, while you are building your rapport.”  @BJCBranding

“80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact.  Autoresponders lend themselves to that.”  @BJCBranding

“If I can use an automated program, like an autoresponder, to interact and touch my clients multiple times (5 or more), then I have a better chance at making that sale.”  @BJCBranding


13.)  The Anatomy of An Email Autoresponder Campaign:

  • The first email is a greeting and it is setting expectations.
  • The second email is talking about the features and benefits of working with you.
  • The third email is talking about a success story, case study or testimonials as well.
  • “Finally an effective autoresponder is going to drive the conversion. It is going to ask for the meeting, phone call.”

“You’ve build up to a point where you need to speak more and more, and interact more and more in order to get them to convert.”

“Interact, and Engage and Listen to your audience… @BJCBranding You have two ears and one mouth for a reason you listen twice as much as you speak.’  Tim Boyle CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

What we saw is by instituting and implementing this 5 campaign autoresponder series, followed by their own monthly emails, they {client} were seeing list growth of 25% month-over-month.  Which is really good growth it is sustainable is qualified growth.


14.)  3 Pieces of Online Marketing Advice: 

  1. DIY-ers Beware.
    “If you are building your own site, unless you are an expert then you may doing yourself a dis-service. Sometimes it’s worth the time and the investment to work with an expert who knows how to best represent your brand. Yeah it is an investment , you have to look at it as an investment, not a cost or expense but you are investing in your company.” @BJCBranding
  1. You Get What You Pay For.
    “If you are paying $5 to $20/hour.  Let’s say that you are spending a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, the odds are your site isn’t good.” @BJCBranding

“It is an investment, don’t cheap on buying a website.” @BJCBranding

  1. Before You Make a Decision, Ask for a Second Opinion.  @BJCBranding


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