ep-30-episode-recap with JO

EP 30: A Look Back {Episode Recap}

In this Social Eyes Podcast, JO takes a stroll down memory lane with her latest interviews and pulls together the key lessons, common threads and stand out moments from each guest.


EP 21: The Importance of Goal Setting with Suzan Czacowski – TheCommCoach 

Suzan CzajkowskiIssue I see most often: Business with no goals or too too many goals. 

On Setting A Goal:
What you look at is where you are going.

“Goals are imperative. If you don’t set a goal for where you are going.  You are going to end up somewhere else.” – @TheCommCoach


On Having Multiple Goals:

“It is about prioritization.  What is the one goal?  You will get to all.  But work on the one you feel most passionate about.” – @TheCommCoach

“Understand, as you put things into place to reach that goal. Some of the other goals will fall into place or you will put things in place that will help you get to that next goal more easily.” – @TheCommCoach


EP 22: Authenticity and Building and Online Community with Julia Campbell

JuliaCampbell01web (1)Issue I see most often: When it comes to social media business are talking to and not with their online audience.

“Social media marketing is using online tools to build a community and engage with your people where they are.” – @JuliaCSocial
“It is not what you want to say, it is about what others want to hear. It is about customizing your feed for your audience.” – @JuliaCSocial


“Everyone is on Facebook, no one does it perfectly including me but there are certain things to be effective.” – @JuliaCSocial



EP 23: How To Boost Your New Business with Facebook & Digital Marketing with Liz Dodge

Liz Dodge Hair Envee SalonIssue I see most often:  People are intimidated by social media.

On Trying New Things:

“It’s all about being relate-able because that is what will get people coming back for more.” – @dodge_liz

“Go with the flow. If it seems like it is working, just do it, you have nothing to lose.” – @dodge_liz

“If you feel that isn’t your speed to jump into things, just boost a post for $5 and see what happens.” – @dodge_liz


EP 24: Digital Marketing Survey & Strategy with Cider Hill FarmCider Hill Farm

“You just have to try {posting to social media} and see what works and don’t get discouraged.” – @CiderHill

“You just have to try it, you will never know what is going to fail, or succeed unless you put it out there.” – @CiderHill


EP 25: How To Build A Cross Marketing Promotions with Lindsay Joy Higgins

LindsayJoyHiggins (2)“Always go into your marketing with a goal in mind: “What do you hope to get out of a boosted post?” @LindsayJHiggins



EP 26: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling In Your Business with Gayle The Story Stylist

DSC_1772 Rotated Robin SarmoraIssue I see most often: Their problem not knowing your story. 

“When you go into business for yourself, people want to do business with people.  They want to know why you got into business for yourself.  That means you need to get more personal and get more vulnerable.” @TheStoryStylist


EP 27: How To Produce PR Opportunities For Your Business with Robin Samora

Robin Samora Bio Pic“You have to be comfortable with yourself in your own skin.  You are your brand wherever you go.” – @RobinSamora

“You can’t just be comfortable; you have to grow.  You have to be able to take a quantum leap of who you want to be.” – @RobinSamora

“Ask yourself, Who are you now?  Who do you want to be?  Who do you have to become to get there?” – @RobinSamora


EP 28: How Systems, Habits & Process Can Lead To Marketing Success with Marina Darlow

Marina-profile pngIssue I see most often: People are overwhelmed with various aspects of their business and feel they lack of time.

“Systems allow you to dedicate more time to your core work.  But more importantly they allow you to dedicate more brain space and energy to the real creative work you are doing.” – @VisionFramework


EP 29: The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders with Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan headshotIssue I see most often:  Businesses not knowing their audience or understanding how to segment their audience and target their marketing.

“It’s the whole, if you build it they will come, but they need to know it is there.” – @BJCBranding


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