EP 32: Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing with Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson headshotHeather Jackson, Constant Contact

Heather Jackson is Constant Contact’s educational marketing expert in New England. Heather has more than 20 years’ experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, including her experience starting and building 2 of her own businesses. Heather is experienced in helping small and medium size businesses, as well as non-profits and associations with their marketing efforts including on and offline strategies. An enthusiastic speaker and trainer, Heather is a sought after presenter at local seminars as well as at large conferences and trade shows. Her regional team of expert speakers conducts seminars throughout New England on all things digital marketing including email marketing, social media marketing and the best practices for businesses to grow using online tools.

In this episode, Heather Jackson joins me to talk everything about email marketing that you need to know.  From sharing the value of your list, how to use email marketing to engage and information your audience and create a relationship to get them to like you better and trust you more.  We talk subject line tips, mobile marketing facts, content marketing lessons and much much  more.


Key Points & Quotables:


1.) On What is Email Marketing:

“We say newsletters or we say email marketing.  People think of it in so many different ways,  I love to use the description that you are just checking in.  It gives you the opportunity to check in with your customers, let them know what they should know, kinda like checking in with a friend.  What are the updates they need to know.” @HeatherKJackson


2.) On Why Email Marketing is Important:

“What is the average numbers of touches you need to have with someone before they are ready to purchase, hire, donate, volunteer?  Whatever it might be it is around 7 to 10.  Email is a great way to move someone through those steps.” @HeatherKJackson


3.) Email Marketing Advice:

“I always like to emphasize that you own your contact list and it is always going to be a work in progress. Do not let it having it be perfect to hold you back from pushing send.” @HeatherKJackson


4.) On Providing Valuable Content:

“Where I think people get frustrated with email or where they think it doesn’t work is when they don’t have content that their audience finds valuable.  If I could tell you the biggest mistake that small businesses and nonprofits make is that they don’t write for their audience.” @HeatherKJackson

“It is easily correctable by thinking about the mindset that your end user is in, thinking about their pain points. Think about addressing that sort of thing is going to help people have effective email.” @HeatherKJackson


5.) On Mobile & Email Marketing:

“The shorter the better. The average person is spending 5-7 seconds on your email on their mobile device, they are spending 18-20 on their desktop.  You’ve got to get their attention and you aren’t going to hold it long.  The best practice is no more than 3 concepts or 3 calls to action {per email campaign}.” @HeatherKJackson


6.) On Proofing Your Content Before Hitting Send:
“Another great check is to say, ‘Is what I am highlighting, is the first thing they are going to see going to help them, know me better, like me better or trust me more?’@HeatherKJackson


7.) On Positioning Yourself As An Expert:

Another thing to remember is you can’t tell people you are an expert; you have to show them.  I encourage people to give away the farm… That is what is going to prove to people you are the expert. The more good stuff you can put out there and the more you can help them make better decisions, avoid mistakes, even just live a little easier today. @HeatherKJackson


8.) On Email Marketing Reporting & Analytics:

“Open Rate is key but you don’t want to get romanced by the open rate, you really want to look at the click rate.  That is showing what people are getting engaged with.” @HeatherKJackson


9.) On How Often To Send Your Email:
“It needs to be at least once a month, because if you are not sending it once a month you are not getting that benefit of staying top of mind.  You are getting lost in the noise.” @HeatherKJackson


10. ) On Segmenting Your List:
“Try to segment your audience because 90% of people will open an email if they think or perceive the content in there is personalized to them.” @HeatherKJackson


11.) On When To Send Your Email:
“Because of Mobile, your email is in your back pocket at all your time.  I think you need to think about when somebody is going to be in the right mindset to act on what it is you want them to do and then you need to test.” @HeatherKJackson


12.) On Being Mobile-Responsive:
“You have got to have a mobile responsive template. Because if your email isn’t easily visible on a mobile device people are going to delete it or end up unsubscribing.” @HeatherKJackson


13.) Some Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices:

“Less is more. Think about how you can tighten up your newsletter and think about each block.” @HeatherKJackson

“The most important mindset to get in: writing for your audience, providing information that is going to help them make better decisions, avoid mistakes, be inspired.  Just help them live a little easier.” @HeatherKJackson

“Don’t be afraid to test, you have to try different things out.” @HeatherKJackson

“Be yourself, you get to be your authentic self.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk and put yourself out there.” @HeatherKJackson

Just hit send and watch the results. If you don’t take action, nothing is going to change. @HeatherKJackson


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