EP 33: How to Take Charge of Your Social Media Marketing with Azure Collier


Azure Collier, Constant Contact

Azure Collier is the Social Media Marketing and Community Manager for Constant Contact in Waltham, MA, where she oversees the company’s social media networks, creates educational content, and writes for the Constant Contact blog about social media and email marketing best practices for small businesses and nonprofits. Prior to joining Constant Contact, Azure worked in higher education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Fitchburg State University in the areas of social media marketing, multimedia content creation, website management, and public relations. She was also a journalist in the Midwest at the Times of Northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, IN, and the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, IN. She received a BA in communications and journalism from Purdue University, and a MS in applied communication from Fitchburg State University, where she completed thesis research on social media and young adults.



In this episode, Azure Collier, Social Media Marketing and Community Manager, Constant Contact shares the various ways she takes charge of social media marketing for the email marketing service provider.  With multiple accounts to manage and messages to create and share, Azure gives insight into tips, tricks and best practices to keep your social media marketing running while remaining sane.


Key Points & Quotables:

Sample Posting Schedule:

  • 7 Days a week Twitter & Pinterest
    1. Twitter 9 times a day.
    2. Pinterest 9 – 20 pins/day depends on day / time of day.
  • Weekdays on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+
    1. Facebook – twice a day.
    2. Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ once a day


1.) On Recycling Content:

“You can share a blog post today, but then share an image of a tip on that blog post for Instagram tomorrow.  There are a lot of different ways that you can take the same piece of content, and share it in different ways on different networks.” @azurecollier


2.) On Theming Your Content:

“Think about themes for certain days of the week for your networks.  Themes really help you in the decision of ‘What am I going to post today?’”  i.e. Monday Motivation or Tip Tuesdays. @azurecollier


3.) On Reusing Evergreen Content:

“Take a look at your analytics.  What are your top, most popular blog posts?  Are any of the content that you could share any time of year that would be applicable?” @azurecollier


4.) On Content Curation:

“Everything you share doesn’t have to be original.  Make sure you are sharing that curated content from experts you trust, people in the industry, news websites, influencers, customers or employees.  Wherever you find content that would be valuable to your audience.  In doing this it lets people know you are on top of things in the industry, {that} you are in the know.” @azurecollier


5.) On Using Visuals with Every Social Media Post:

“We are living in a visual world right now.  Especially with social media.  Visuals are going to capture people’s attention more than a text post does.” @azurecollier


6.) On Making Things That Are Shareable:

“Create checklists, infographics or quotes… People like to be in the know and share these kinds of things on their social media.” @azurecollier


7.) On Connecting with Influencers: 

“{Connect with} other experts in your industry.  Share the things that they are writing and posting and make sure you are tagging them.” @azurecollier


8.) On Measuring Your Data:

“Every month go over the stats for your social networks and find out which posts did really well and which didn’t.  Make sure you are continuing to share the content your audience interacted with the most.” @azurecollier


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