EP 34: How to Harness the Power of Search Marketing with Miranda Paquet

miranda-paquetMiranda Paquet, Constant Contact

Miranda Paquet is a Content Manager at Constant Contact, where she inspires small businesses to overcome their digital marketing fears and use email and social media marketing to drive awareness, sales, and repeat business. Miranda started contributing to the Constant Contact blog in 2013, and is now in charge of creating and editing hundreds of blog articles each year, as well as producing the Small Biz Stories podcast. Prior to working at Constant Contact, Miranda worked in the editorial department of National Geographic Learning and ran digital marketing for a small tech company in Sydney, Australia. Named for Shakespeare’s, The Tempest, Miranda brings her passion for literature and theater to her work each day. When she’s not writing, Miranda spends her time singing along to Beyoncé, visiting her favorite cheese shop, or trying out a new tea selection. You can find her on Twitter @mirandapaquet.



In episode 34, Miranda Paquet, Content Manager at Constant Contact shares her best search engine marketing tips and practices to help your business get found in search.  Miranda talks about content marketing strategy, planning content with editorial calendars, repurposing older content, guest blogging, the value of backlinks and optimizing blog posts for search.  After listening to this episode, you will know how to write for your audience, repurpose blog posts, optimize your content with keywords, attract your ideal audience and drive traffic to your site with search.


Key Points & Quotables:


1.) On the Value of Organic Search:

“Organic search represents a huge opportunity for small businesses.  We’ve learned with our (Constant Contact) blog, 72% of our traffic comes straight from search.” @mirandapaquet

“Ultimately a very powerful thing with search is that people go to Google and are actively searching out information. If they are seeking that information out and your business shows up, then you are already creating this ‘good will’.” @mirandapaquet


2.) How to Use Search Marketing to Your Advantage: 

“Search marketing is much easier than you think.  It is about using search engines to your advantage to get more views and exposure to your online properties (website, social channels, business in general).” @mirandapaquet

“In general, 70% of website traffic overall comes from search.” @mirandapaquet


3.) On the Value of Having a Website:

“You can’t really show up in an online listing anywhere if you don’t have your website as your home base.” @mirandapaquet


4.) On Having a Blogging Strategy:

“It is important to at least create a calendar for yourself, even if it is only 12 blogs posts a year.” @mirandapaquet

“You really have to be strategic about the content you are creating.  We {Constant Contact} don’t publish anything that isn’t driving to some sort of next step.” @mirandapaquet

“Publish as frequently as you can – while still making sure everything you publish is very impactful.” @mirandapaquet


5.) On How Often to Publish:

“Consistency is more important rather that how often.  It is the quality over quantity.” @mirandapaquet


6.) How to Optimize for Search: 

“Write for your customers and then optimize for search.” @mirandapaquet

  1. Start with a topic from your customer.
  2. Use keyword tools.
  3. Use Scribe {plugin} to optimize your post.


7.) On Republishing Content:

“Take content you wrote a couple years ago, and create an infographic or put a new spin on it and republish with a fresh date.” @mirandapaquet

“Look at content that has performed well in the past and then look to see if there are opportunities. Is that information up to date?” @mirandapaquet

TIP: Add a quick editor’s note at the bottom to say where they can find the original publish.


8.) Three Rules for Search Marketing:

1.) Don’t ignore search marketing.  @mirandapaquet

2.) Go beyond your own website.  Find supporting business and opportunities of other sites for backlinks. @mirandapaquet

3.) Be patient and look at what’s working for you.  @mirandapaquet


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