EP 36- Learn to Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer

EP 36: Learn to Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer Profile PicAmy Schmittauer, Savvy Sexy Social

An authority in digital content marketing and video blogging strategy, Amy Schmittauer is a fearless educator, professional consultant, video blogger and speaker about impactful content marketing. An internationally-acclaimed video marketing speaker, Amy is known for her edutainment style which originates from her popular YouTube show Savvy Sexy Social. Dedicated to helping rising stars embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world, the show has grown to nearly 50,000 subscribers and more than 3 million views. With experience of presenting to a range of audiences from corporate marketing executives to small business owners, Amy has become the most requested speaker for video marketing at industry events all over the World.

Along the way, Amy became an authority in digital marketing consulting and co-founded Aftermarq, a video content marketing agency. After 7 years of execution, consulting and continuing to share her life and advice via YouTube, Amy is the author of the book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill it Online with Video Blogging which was released January 31, 2017.



In episode 36, I interview Amy Schmittauer educator, professional consultant, video blogger, speaker and author of her newest book, Vlog Like a Boss – How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging.  Amy shares her insight on what vlogging is, how it can help you connect to your audience, the ways to make it work for your brand and how to overcome your fears when it comes to turning on the camera and launching your video.  Amy gives fantastic advice that she shares with her own clients as well as lessons she has picked up along the way in her 7 year vlogging career.


Key Points & Quotables:

What is Vlogging:

“A vlog is exactly what it says it is, a video blog. If a blog is a piece of valuable information, then a video blog is just an enhanced multimedia version of that.” – @Schmittastic

“You are informing people of something you know, that they should also know, in video form.” – @Schmittastic


2. Who is Vlogging:

“A lot of people are doing it, are the ones who are seeing the opportunity to making a personal connection.” – @Schmittastic


3. On Building Personal Connections with Vlogging:

“You make a video for one person, and when you do that, and do it really well you help so many people in the process and that is where personal connection is no longer a buzz word but an actual, real thing.” – @Schmittastic

 “When you refocus your attention on, ‘This is not a camera. This is one person I’m sitting down and having coffee with.’  That is the sweet spot.” – @Schmittastic


4. Advantages of Vlogging

“Vlogging is a more immersive environment and that is a huge benefit right away.  If you can get somebody pulled in enough to either press play on your video or see it in a social feed and stop to tune in, you’ve got them in a very different way than you would if you had any other format.” – @Schmittastic


5. On Having Struggles with Vlogging and Video Marketing:

“It is going to be tough, there is no getting around it. I am not going to sit there and say this is going to be easy. On some level, you need practice to make you feel better.” – @Schmittastic

“It is not going to get easier… It is just the fact that you have to get through that growing pain of understanding, ‘Yup that is what I sound like’, or ‘Yup that is what I look like on camera. How can we make this look better?’… There are ways to fix it. If you don’t get past that you are going nowhere.” – @Schmittastic

“There are so many things that cannot be your forte. I’m not good at every aspect of video, but one thing I know I want to do is execute a video show on YouTube, therefore I push through the growing pains to get it done. I think that is where everyone struggles the most. They are trying to do 17 different things well, instead of just owning the one thing and pushing through the hard times of the one thing.” – @Schmittastic


6. On Talent vs Personality:

“Talent can be achieved. So many people think it is a personality thing. It is not natural to talk to an electronic device. It is practice. It is talent and you can achieve it too.” – @Schmittastic

“It is an element of control, but it is also an element of Beyonce vs Sasha Fierce. You just get up there, because it is the job.” – @Schmittastic


7. What to Expect With Vlogging:

“Expect it to be hard at first, but more importantly, just get started with where {you} are right now. If you are just getting started, do not make yourself go into this whole mindset of ‘I’ve got to have the right equipment.’ The reality is we have that smart phone in our pocket.” – @Schmittastic

“If you are going to make your first video it shouldn’t be your About Page video. Typically, that is the second most visited page on your website.  For that to be your first video ever is uncomfortable for everyone.” – @Schmittastic

“Just start practicing, that means allowing yourself, to post in other ways, before it is that critical big video.” – @Schmittastic


8. On Loyalty Treatment:

“You can create content that is valuable to both your audience and good for you, without kicking it off with an elevator pitch.” – @Schmittastic

“This is a coffee meeting with one person, {that} is what a great video feels like.” – @Schmittastic

“If a piece of content is truly serving its purpose, it is not a place for your elevator pitch. It is place to provide value. So dive straight into whatever the purpose of that video is.” – @Schmittastic

“Get started. That is going to set the tone for a much more positive video for you to watch back and feel good about potentially posting.” – @Schmittastic


9. On Video and Social Media:

“Video is becoming more and more important and it’s all about playing the game of these social environments. What does the social network want? Because what they want is likely what their users want. Which is why Facebook is so video-focused.  So how do you continue to get that organic reach? And how do you continue to get in front of your audience in a way that they want? Well you gotta play this video game.” – @Schmittastic


10. What to Expect from Vlog Like a Boss – How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging:

“If you want to get started with video, this is the guide to do it. That is what I wanted to accomplish with this book.” – @Schmittastic


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