Have You Been “Scoped”? – The 411 on Periscope & Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming video is the latest trend in digital marketing. Periscope and Meerkat are both live streaming apps that you can download to your smart phone.  They ask for permission to get access to your camera and social media accounts.  Once you download the app you simply turn on your broadcast and now you are talking in real-time to your social media followers through the camera on your phone.  Followers can communicate back through chat messages that appear on your screen for everyone to see.

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I downloaded both apps but found Periscope was easier to use.  It seems my social media followers use it more often as well.

Why would you use Periscope or Meerkat? 

There are two ways to use these apps.  To watch others or to create your own live stream. Or you could do both.

As a viewer, I watched along as a blogging friend attended a Red Sox Yankees game in Boston, then flipped over to the musician Colbie Caillat broadcasting a song from her concert in Connecticut – all from the comfort of my couch.

As a “Scoper” I have hosted 3.  Two of my cousin playing the fiddle at a concert in Salem, MA.  With the other, I took my social media friends on a walk to the beach, which is less than 5 minutes from my house.  This was more about building my personal brand as I spoke of the city I live in and shared some history and fun facts.

Are you thinking of using Periscope?  Here are some tips.

How to use Periscope

  • When creating your broadcast, it is essential to write a short description and use hashtags.  This gives potential viewers an idea of what you will be talking about.
  • If you want followers to find you, you need to broadcast it out to your Twitter account.
  • As you run your broadcast, ask for hearts.  If you are watching others you can ‘share the love’ by tapping the bottom right of your screen and hearts will appear.  Hearts are similar to Facebook Likes but you can “heart” more than once.  These hearts associate to a user’s influence.  Those with more hearts have scoped longer or more often.
  • Be sure to engage with your followers by answering questions that come through the chat.
  • Periscopes videos expire within 24 hours.  You can save the recording to your device and then upload to your YouTube channel.  The chat messages don’t appear in this version, so the audio may seem out of context if you use this method.
  • Ask your viewers to share the “Scope” with their followers to extend the reach of your live stream.

Three things live streaming apps are great for:

  • Connecting with your audience in real-time.  We love to see and hear people talk to us, it builds a sense of trust.
  • Building thought leadership and a sense of authority by talking about a topic you are knowledgeable in.
  • Sharing a day in the life or behind the scenes tour of your location, this is great for personal branding.

Are you ready to jump in?  You can sign up here and follow me at @Jeannine_Oneil.

I am very excited to share that I am participating in a September Scopers Challenge with my blogger friends.  For each day of September 2015 we will be hosting our own and sharing others’ Scopes surrounding a topic of the day.  Here is a guideline of what we will be chatting about.

sept scopers blog graphic

This challenge is to help each of us understand Periscope better.  It will also help us to build our own brands and get our names out there.  You can follow along by searching on the #SeptemberScopers hashtag.  Or if you wish to take part in the challenge you are welcome as well!  Visit Lauren and Julie’s blogs to learn more.  Shout out to them for coordinating this challenge!

Are you interested in following the other bloggers who are participating?
Below is the list of the fabulous ladies and their Periscope names who are up for the challenge.  Make sure to follow them and give them some love as well.

Lauren at Working Mom Magic Periscope: @WorkingMomMagic

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Lisa at Goofball Mommy Periscope:@goofballmommy

Laci at Sequins in the South Periscope: @SequinsintheSouth

Phyllis at Verified Mom Periscope: @verifiedmom

Bev at Linkouture Periscope: @linkouture

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Kirstenjill at Ripped Jeans and BiFocals Periscope: @JillinIL

Amee at Inspired Housewife Periscope: @InspiredHseWife

See you on the other side!  I am very excited about this challenge and can’t wait to share my experience in future blog posts!