Holiday Marketing – Doesn’t Have To Be About the Doorbuster Deal

It is hard not to have the holidays on our mind with Thanksgiving just a couple of days away. Which means we are on the fast track to the December holidays. For those businesses who may have slacked on the holiday marketing this year, don’t worry! I have some tips for you and THEY COST NOTHING to carry out.

The important thing to remember with social media and email marketing is that these are essential avenues you have built to connect with your audience. We always hear the importance of developing your digital brand and engaging with your audience.

Why not use the holidays to further build those connections?

You don’t need to have a large-scale open house or special holiday ‘Doorbuster’ to appeal to your fans. Tweet this There is so much marketing noise out there now anyways, that it would be hard to compete. My suggestion to you is go the personal route.

Offer value and tips to your digital media friends as if you were giving advice to a personal friend.

Here are 8 ways to build connections this holiday season. It doesn’t take much. Create a digital download, post holiday ideas, or share a personal memory to add value and build relationships with your audience.

  1. Share a favorite holiday recipe.
  2. Post Instagram snapshots of you (and your staff) holiday traditions, office decor, ugly sweater day, etc.
  3. Record you and your employees sharing their favorite holiday memories. Or wishing your digital fans a Happy Holiday season.
  4. Host an ugly sweater contest with your coworkers and have your audience judge. Or flip it and make your employees the judges and your fans the contestants.
  5. Start a “Pay It Forward movement” to further spread holiday cheer.
  6. Provide a list of hostess gift ideas.
  7. Offer gift guides, they are always a big hit this time of the year.
  8. Share some creative Yankee Swap ideas. Include your products/services if it makes sense.

This time of year many people have tapped into their “holiday spirit”. This makes the perfect time to connect and further develop those relationships that will carry over into the New Year!

Happy Holidays!


JO Social Branding Holiday Marketing – Doesn’t Have To Be About the Doorbuster Deal.