How Email Marketing Saved a Realtor from Closing Their Doors

A few years back I had a realtor come to me, asking for help. Business had slowed down – dramatically. Even though competitors were signing new listings, things were very quiet on their end. This realtor told me they needed social media to save their business and thought the answer was to be more active on Facebook. I convinced the realtor that social media AND email marketing combined was a better strategy for them.

The first thing we discussed was the various audiences on their email contact list. They had: Buyers, Sellers, Past Buyers, Past Sellers, Prospects and Other Real Estate Agents. We then talked about how each audience segment had a different need. Past Buyers/Sellers are not looking for a house, but they could buy one in the future or be a great referral source. Therefore, they are just as important as the current Buyers/Sellers on their contact list.

To revitalize their business we knew it was essential for us to stay in touch with everyone on their contact list.

Next, we talked about the frequency of sending emails. The realtor shared they only wanted to send one email per month.

Finally, we talked about their goals, which was obvious – to generate new listings and clients.

With this information in mind, JO Social Branding designed a monthly email newsletter format that highlighted 3 areas of content. It could be: new listings, open houses or home-based articles.

You are probably thinking, “If they didn’t have any clients, how did they share any listings in their newsletter?

As crazy as it sounds, we launched the newsletter with no new listings on the market. 

At first, we simply shared home-based news. We knew that everyone on their list had a place they called home. We could share articles about gardening, home maintenance/repair, cleaning tips, etc. and this content would appeal to all their subscribers. More importantly this helped the realtor launch their newsletter and begin to stay top of mind with their audience.

Slowly but surely the constant presence in the inbox attracted new clients, repeat clients and even brought in referrals.


Why this email marketing strategy worked for them

First, we had a goal. We wanted to get this realtor more listings. To do this, we knew they needed to communicate on a regular basis to their audience and stay in touch. The answer was email marketing.

Next, we took the time to understand the subscribers’ needs and the content they wanted delivered to them. We also made sure we never isolated a subscriber and tried to have something for everyone in the monthly mailings.

Finally, we watched the email reporting and analytics to see what areas had the most clicks and activity and continued to deliver more of that content to the audience.

The results speak for themselves. This realtor went from having no homes on the market to closing on 9 homes in 40 days!

By keeping the audience informed of what was going on a snow ball effect happened. As business picked up and the realtor continued to share their news, others wanted to work with them too, bringing in more clients and listings.

A little email marketing strategy, planning, communicating and measuring and it saved this business from having to put up their own “for sale” sign.

If you are interested in setting up your own successful email marketing strategy, contact me to learn more about my various email marketing packages.