How I Find Inspiration

beautiful student with black notebookLast week I talked about how I use reading as a stimulus for idea generation. However this isn’t the only resource or tactic I use to keep the ideas flowing. I have a few other quirks that help me stay motivated and on task. Now I am sharing them with you. For me these are easy to accomplish because I work out of my home, however you can tweak these tactics for the workplace as well.

My 5 Idea Generating Quirks:

Business teamWoman exercising at homeWoman lying in bed sleeping

Conversations with Mentors and Like-Minded Business Professionals – Often we are too close to the question to see the answer. When I have conversations with others it helps me see things in a new perspective, move in a new direction or allows me to find tweaks to enhance my previous idea(s).

Exercise – Going for a walk or taking a 15 minute exercise break always helps the flow of creativity. As a matter of fact the concept of my current business was born on a 20 minute walk. I received a service request via email that bothered me. I shut down the computer, put on my sneakers and went to walk off the aggravation. That was when JO Social Branding was born.

Naps – When I truly can’t stop my mind from racing, I shut it down and force a reset. Often a 20 minute nap is all that I need to refresh, refocus and re-inspire my motivation.

showergreen coffee cup

Shower – There is something about this cleansing task that help me find focus and new ideas. The problem is remembering ALL the ideas that are going through my mind 90 miles an hour, once I am out of the shower.

Walking Away – My mentor has shared this nugget with me and it has helped tremendously. If you are feeling distracted or hung up and cannot focus, own it. Walk away, do something else until you are mentally prepared to return to the task. For me it could be dusting, sweeping, doing dishes, taking the trash out, sorting laundry, having a cup of tea, etc. Whatever it is, I force my brain to redirect to let the mental kinks, work themselves out on their own.

Those are my idea generating quirks. Try one, or all, see what works and move on from there.