How to add holiday cheer to your marketing this season JO Social Branding

How to add holiday cheer to your marketing this season

When Fall hits the holidays come in full swing and before we know it we are saying “Cheers” to the New Year.  Before your calendar goes into over drive, start planning your holiday marketing now.  Are you stumped on where to start?   Here are 5 holiday promotion ideas, 5 ways to promote and 1 tool to help you get started.  Partridge in a pear tree are not included.


5 Holiday Promotion Ideas

  1. Set up a Raffle or Giveaway.  This could be something tied to your business or a product that you love and want to share with others.
  2. Share a Free Digital Download.  Stumped on what to raffle?  Why not create a holiday shopping check list, or gift guide to make your social media friends’ holidays a little more organized?  Create a document, convert to a PDF and host it on the back-end of your blog or website.
  3. Host a Contest.  This is a fun, interactive way to spread the word about your business and to attract followers to your brand online.
  4. Offer a Special Discount Coupon for your product or service.  Do you want to have a call-to-action that leads back to your business?  Find a way to tie in a holiday promotion to your products and start gifting!
  5. Set up an Email Autoresponder to promote different aspects of your business, organization or brand.  It doesn’t have to be tied directly to your business either.  You could send 5 emails over 5 days to help your subscribers prepare for the holidays.  This could be staff members’ favorite holiday recipes or thrifty holiday shopping tips.

Make sure that you properly promote your gift, download, contest, coupon or autoresponder so that ALL your social media fans know about it.


5 Ways to Promote

  1. Send an email and let your followers know.
  2. Share on social media.
  3. Buy a social advertisement and get an extra boost.
  4. Create cover photos for all your social media accounts.
  5. Record a video or hop on a live stream like Periscope, Meerkat or Blab and talk about your promotion.


Is your mind spinning?  Here is a 2015 Content & Editorial Calendar to help you start planning and promoting your offer.

Already have your holiday promotion planned?  Then download your 2016 Content Calendar (Holidays are included with this version) and start planning for the new year 2016. Whatever you do, DON’T FORGET THE GOLDEN RULE!

In order for any subscribers to take part in your promotion or get your gift they NEED to sign up for your email list first. 

5 Holiday Promotion Ideas Infographic JO Social Branding