How To Be a Better Online Marketer

If you are not measuring, you are not marketing. 

If you have read this blog the past few weeks, you should know by now, every piece of content you put in front of your audience should have a call to action.  This is the next step that you want your potential customer to take in purchasing your product or service.  I spoke of it here, here and here.

Other than leading them down the path to close the deal, this practice goes deeper.

It helps YOU understand how efficient YOUR marketing is. 

JOSB Measuring in Marketing If you have a call to action option, you can measure how many people did what you asked them to do.  This helps you understand if you were on point with your marketing or if you completely missed your target.

For instance, with this post, I can view how many have read it, if anyone clicked on other links and where else they go on my website, all within my WordPress Dashboard view.  Now, if I promote this post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  I can also measure to see where people are finding my posts through the referral area.

Essentially, all this data allows me to create a stronger presence and produce better material for my audience.

Whether they know it or not, my audience is training me on how to be a better marketer. 

However, this practice isn’t specific to a blog.  You can use it on any of your social media, email or traditional marketing.  What is your call to action on your Facebook post?  How about the link you are sharing on Twitter?  How many people opened your email vs clicked the links within it?  How are you attracting people to your business (online or in store) who read a newspaper ad or flyer?

With digital marketing there should be some call to action, indicating a next step. 

Don’t worry, I am not a numbers person at all and I can grasp this concept.  However, you need to have some sort of marketing goal set in the beginning for this to work.  That way when it comes time you can analyze the results.  For instance, I am going to offer a digital download, but first they need to sign up for my email newsletter.  My goal is 100 new subscribers for my newsletter.  Now I can check how many new subscribers joined my list, in comparison to downloading my digital eBook.

Whether you exceed or fail there are lessons you can learn and apply to your next marketing campaign. 

Let’s review:

  1. Set a measurable goal for your campaign.
  2. Make sure to have a call to action for your marketing, that you can measure.
  3. Once the campaign has run for a while, check the numbers and compare to your campaign goal.

Bottom line: Don’t go in blind when it comes to your marketing.  Have a goal and strategy in place.  This will help you be a better marketer and be more appealing to your online audience.