How to Beautify Your Blog Posts with Canva

Beautify Blog with Canva

Yes, another Canva post coming at you, if you were wondering, I am not affiliated with the Canva website in any way. I just LOVE IT that much.

When I create blog images, I try to make sure every post has at least one Canva graphic. Even if it is only a featured image. This has worked well because it unifies all of my posts with a specific design / feel. When I join link parties or even sharing my posts on social media, my post images stand out from the rest because they appear different.

Often I find myself in link parties with many crafts and home design bloggers. No offense to them, because their method works, but their images all appear the same:

  • A clear project image.
  • Text overlaid with the project name or blog name.
  • Not that I am directly competing but I want my image to stand out.

    That is why I make mine seem different from the rest.

    Even though it is a tiny square space, you can maximize that space by strategically planning your content. Here are some tips to include that will help you on your way.

    Note: Don’t include all the tips. It will make the image feel cluttered. Choose just a few items that will work for you.

    Business/Blog Information:

  • Name
  • Post Title
  • Website Address
  • Logo
  • I often include my logo and website URL because they are different. JO Social Branding is my business and my blog web address is

    Example: How To Extend the Life of Your Blog Post

    Image content:

  • Fun visual or image.
  • Bright colors.
  • Share tips or advice from your post.
  • Pull quote or “snackable content”.
  • Example:
    3 Imp. Lessons Blogging I Learned - JO Social Branding

    Things to think about:

  • Layout, align all edges to the best of your ability.
  • Make the best use of your space.
  • Ensure there is no awkward “white space”.
  • Will it stand out in Pinterest, link parties, etc.?
  • Example:
    3 Painful Blogging Lessons I Have Learned - JO Social Branding

    Where to use them:

  • Content visuals in your blog post. Rather than have text, take a quote and beautify it in Canva.
  • Featured images (WordPress feature).
  • Main social media post image. If you choose “Featured Image” this will be the one that imports over to your social media post. If you do not have that option or wish to use another image, most social media accounts allow you to override the imported image.
  • Sidebar content. I have a “Popular Posts” area and use these images as hyper-linked “buttons” that direct to the specific post.
  • Example:
    feature post sidebar sample

    Those are just some ways to beautify your blog with Canva images. Happy Blogging!

    Image Sources: JO Social Branding Canva Creations
    This post contains affiliate links.