Jo Social branding how o create an engaging autoresponder series

How to Create an Engaging Email Autoresponder Series (Guided Tutorial)


“Autoresponders” otherwise known as “drip campaigns” are a series of pre-populated emails, that you send to a specific target audience, over an extended period of time.

Autoresponders are a time-friendly and cost-effective tool that helps you stay top of mind, engage with your audience and potentially leads to sales!


Create these emails ONCE and contacts will automatically receive the series of emails after they join your list. 


In this guided tutorial I walk you through the steps on how to create, edit and update your Constant Contact autoresponder campaign.  If you don’t use Constant Contact I suggest checking it out.  This guided tutorial includes inspiring campaign ideas – like a VIP Birthday Club!  It’s time to make your email marketing work for you!

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Are you thinking about creating an Autoresponder Series of have used one in the past?  I would love to hear in the comments below!