How to Erase the Space In Your Blog and Newsletter Content

How to Erase the Space

Have you ever reviewed your published newsletter or blog post only to realize a pesky space appeared somewhere between your flawless draft and when you hit publish? 

It is annoying right?  You reviewed the draft to make sure it was perfect before hitting publish and this little space is mocking you in your masterpiece.

So you return into your draft and delete the space, hit publish and the space is still there.  You do a little dance to the editing gods and cross your fingers on your third publish hoping it will disappear.  Sometimes it works, sometimes you need a few more rounds of edits or you just give up and let the space win.

Here is the solution to your problem.

That extra space is a coding issue on the back-end of your blog post or newsletter.


There are 3 simple steps to erase the space for good.

1.)  Go into the draft version and look for an option to switch to your HTML editor.

2.)  Once in the HTML editor you are going to see crazy HTML code.  Don’t be intimidated.  You want to find &nsbp; and delete it.


&nsbp; is HTML code for extra space.

Now you may see multiple &nsbp; codes, you want to make sure you delete the right one.  Look at the other terms surrounding the code you are looking to cut.  You will start to see your sentences and words from your draft mixed in between the lines of code.  That is how you will know you are deleting the right code.  Simply highlight the &nsbp; code and hit delete.

3.)  Save your HTML code editor, hit publish and your spacing issues are over.

How to Erase the Space - JO Social Branding Email Marketing Tip