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How to Extend the Reach of Your Email Newsletter

Did you know there are two key components to extending the reach of your email newsletter and to gain new subscribers?

They are:

  • Forward to a Friend – a function you turn on that allows your subscribers to forward your email to their contacts.
  • Social Share – the bar of social media icons, that usually is at the top of the email, that encourages your subscribers to share the email with their social media networks.


Your own newsletter subscriber reads your email, loves it and either forwards the email to their friends or shares it on social media.  Then their friends read the newsletter.

What happens next?

You answer should be that the new reader(s) sign-up to your email newsletter.  In order for this to happen you need to give them an option to sign-up in your newsletter.

The logic may seem backwards to have a subscribe button in your newsletter.  If you are encouraging social sharing, you need to turn on this function to gain new subscribers.

I would include text at the very top of your newsletter like:

Has this email been forward to you?” or “Are you new here?”  Then have a call-to-action with either a subscribe button or text hyperlink for them to join your list.

Extra Tip: Add this feature directly into your email template so that you don’t have to create it each time you want to send an email.


I want you to take it a step further.

Do you have an option to view your newsletter archive?  If your new subscribers like what they read, they may want to read more.  Some email platforms automatically create the archive of past newsletters for you, but others do not.  Either way I would put the archive on your website.

This is just another way to convert website visitors into newsletter subscribers.  

Need inspiration?  View my archive.

How to create your own email archive:

  1. Create a new page on your website or blog.
  2. Title the page.
  3. Add some introductory text of what your newsletter is about, how often you deliver it and where they can sign up.
  4. Go through and either add the dates and/or titles of your past newsletters.
  5. Go into your email platform, grab the link of each newsletter and hyperlink to the appropriate text on your website.
  6. Hit publish.

You can either go back and create an archive from past newsletters or start fresh with the New Year.  I would then promote and let your subscribers and social media friends how easy it is to get access to your newsletter archive.


What do you think of this tip?  Is this something that you would be interested in doing for your subscribers?  Do you have email marketing tips that you would like to share?  I want to hear your opinion!