How to Get a 100% Email Open Rate

Yes you read that right – 100% of your contact list will open up your email marketing newsletter.  It’s pretty simple to do and I’ve done it over and over on more than one email.  At one point, I even had 100% open rate with a 75% click-through rate.

The first thing you must do is have a really good subject line to captivate them into opening the email for more info. The more personal the better.

Tip: use words like  “You”, “You’re” or “Your” in your subject line.

However the real secret to get that 100% open rate is list segmentation.  

Think about it this way, if you send it to your entire list, not everybody is going to open the email.

But what if you segmented your contacts by specific key factors?  Such as:

  • interests
  • location
  • demographics
  • customer status

You have a better understanding of who your audiences is and the type of message they are looking for.  Then you can target your message to that group.

The more relevant the content, the higher the open and click-through rates will be. 

Example:  You are a pet store owner.  You collect email address of your customers and ask them to identify who they are.  Then when you create your email campaigns, you can send an email to the dog owners, cat owners or bird owners, separately.  You wouldn’t send an email to cat owners about a special dog promo you have.  But if you create a specific message for those dog owners and target the subject line, “Just In! New Toys Your Dog Will Love”.

You have a smaller audience, with a targeted message and a captivating subject line.  It’s a win-win.

Now, simply copy the campaign, switch out the word “Dog” for “Cat”.  Change the text and product images in the email to fit the audience and send.  Now you have two segmented emails that will lead to higher open, click-through rates and potential sales.

Yes, this may mean more work for you but you will have a higher return on your investment when you personalize the marketing.  Try it.

Imagine if that pet store owner sent one email to the dog, cat and bird owners and divided the email in thirds with new products for each in their own section.  Only 1/3 of that message is relevant to the audience.  Also, it is harder for the owner because they have to generalize their subject line to fit everyone.  “Just in! New Products For Your Pet”,  It is okay

Take a little extra time to divide those lists, target your message and build a relationship with your audience.  I promise it will pay off.  

And you can brag about your 100% open rate to your other business owner friends.

Tip:  If you already have a list, ask your audience to update their preferences, or send a survey asking them for more information.

Tip 2:  If you are starting to build your list, ask people upfront to identify their interests and preferences so you can start targeting your marketing right away.


Send a segmented list to your audience and let me know how it worked.
Or if you have already done this, I would love to hear your story of success.
Please leave a comment below.