How to Schedule Your Blog Posts In 15 Minutes

How to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Did you take my advice in my previous post, “How to extend the life of your blog post,” and deactivate your Publicize app?

To refresh your memory, here is the first tip where I discuss eliminating auto posting.

how to extend blog post screen shot tip 1

Do you have a few choice words for me about giving you more work to do to promote your blog?

Plugins and apps like Publicize are very easy to use but the trade-off is that you sound like a robot.

Blogging is a personal experience and should be treated that way. By deactivating such plugins, the little extra leg work does wonders in helping you connect with your blogging and social media audiences.

That being said, I do feel bad in giving you more work and keeping you from your creative outlets. That is why I have created a social media checklist for you! This way you can go through the list and check off the accounts you have shared your blog to. Less thinking for you! (Yay!)

If you didn’t read “How to extend the life of your blog post, I suggest you hop on over first and quickly browse the 5 tips I shared. The article is best used in conjunction with this one. Specifically pay attention to step #2 that talks about social media automation tools, like Buffer, and how they can help you save time in scheduling your blog posts. I even created a Buffer Guide!

Are you ready to schedule out those blog posts in 15 minutes?!

Make sure you print, save, and/or pin this infographic for future use!

Social Media Checklist Infographic

Step 1: Hit ‘Publish’ on your post.

Step 2: Go to your inbox and check out the post.

TIP: You should already be subscribed to your own blog to make sure the posts come through properly. Look for the delivered post and check that the formatting looks okay.

Step 3: Click on the link in your email and start scheduling away using the checklist as a guide!

Voila! Fifteen minutes & 3 little steps have just bought you some extra time in your hectic blogging world!