How to Sound “Wicked Smaht” on LinkedIn

Man working on the laptop at homeIt’s the New Year & time to start the resolutions on how to improve your life. How many people have decided to update their resume or start looking for a new job in the new year? Well if you had a career-related resolution the first thing you should think about is setting up or updating your LinkedIn account.

New to LinkedIn? Read below. Have you been on LinkedIn for a while? Check out the LinkedIn Believers section in the following paragraphs.

For those of you who don’t have LinkedIn, it is a social media platform that allows you to connect with other professionals. More importantly it is a living, breathing resume. Recruiters, business executives and your co-workers are already signed up. LinkedIn is where it is at when it comes to professional online networking. One of the greatest things about LinkedIn is that you no longer have to worry about fitting everything on a one page resume. Of course you cannot apply for a job and simply state, “Check out my LinkedIn account here.” However you can include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your digital resume or cover letter, to entice the hiring manager to check out more information.

resume sample

Recruiters use LinkedIn in various ways:

• Review your past jobs.
• Investigate your different skill sets.
• Evaluate how you rank in the “endorsements” area. This is where you list your skills and your connections vote or “endorse” you for those skills.
• Read recommendations from past employers and coworkers.
• Analyze portfolio projects.
• Research other organizations you are involved in.
• Look for similar “connections” (mutual friends).
• And more.

The opportunities are endless with LinkedIn. For more tips and tricks, review my past LinkedIn posts below.

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For the LinkedIn “Believers” – you probably have learned your profile is never complete. There is always a new responsibility to add, another recommendation to obtain or a project to upload. The key to LinkedIn is keeping your content fresh. It can’t hurt to update once a quarter to spruce it up with your latest news and keep you profile active in your networks’ updates.

Here is one quick way to freshen up your profile. Start by eliminating the Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013. Skim your profile for the words in the left column and refurbish your account by using my cheat sheet below.

[one_half] 2013 Overused Words
[/one_half] [one_half_last]2014 Replacement Words
Dependable, Reliable
Inspired, Inventive
Efficient, Successful
Persistent, Enduring
Proficient, Knowledgeable
Managerial, Logistical
Energetic, Ambitious
Inventive, Pioneering
Logical, Investigative

small__5339903957 One more tip. Make sure to use action verbs when listing your responsibilities. For current positions use present tense & for former positions use past tense.

Oh and make sure “Wicked” and “Smaht” are nowhere in your profile.

Good luck!

photo credit: ideagirlmedia via photopin cc