How To Strategize Your Social Media Plan

I came across this brilliant social media infographic posted on The Next Web and I had to share. This image shows just how easily it is to strategize your social media plan.

Next Web Social Strategy Plan

Source: The Next Web

Often when I talk to clients about returning to the drawing board and creating a plan, I receive hesitant looks. They want to jump right in.

Putting some thought into your process beforehand makes your life easier in the long run.

What is that saying? ‘Think smarter not harder.’ Plan ahead and your social strategy will be ironclad. As this graphic shows, there are 3 steps to creating your plan.

Step 1: Plan – What platforms make most sense? Why are you on these platforms? What is your purpose? Who are you trying to reach? Create goals to measure your success.

Step 2: Implement – Start setting up, updating your platforms so they cohesively work with your website, blog and other social media channels.

Step 3: Measure – Remember those goals you created in Step 1? Look at your analytics, check out your platforms – Are you meeting those weekly or monthly goals? If so, great! Set the bar higher. If not, readjust and test for another week or month.

Side note: I have created a similar presentation, drilling down further with 6 steps to build your strategy. Here is the Slideshare that I posted last month on Creating Your Social Media Strategy.

My steps include:

JOSB Social Media Strategy

However you will see there is much overlap with the Next Web infographic:

Social Media Strategy Comparison

By putting in a little legwork beforehand, it will make the content creation and scheduling of your social much easier down the road.

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Image Sources: Next Web & JO Social Branding Slideshare