How to Unlink On LinkedIn

Recently a former classmate of mine asked how to delete Contacts on LinkedIn. She had previously been looking for a job and connected with many recruiters in that time period. Once she settled into a new position she wanted to “unlink” with those recruiters. However, she could not figure it out and understandably so, LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to disconnect from other connections. Once you know the steps it is stress-free to follow the process that is hidden deep within the site.

Do you want to clean up your contact list? Here are the steps to unlink on LinkedIn.

There are two ways to disconnect. Disconnect from your Connection’s Profile Page or from your Contacts Page.

How to disconnect from their Profile Page:

1. Go to the Connection’s profile and move your cursor over the arrow to the right of their profile picture.
2. Select “Remove Connection.”

linkedin connection 1

3. A pop up will then appear informing you of what will happen if you disconnect.
4. Click “Remove.”

linkedin connection 2

How to disconnect from your Contacts Page:

1.) At the top of your homepage, click the “Connections” tab.
2.) Then select “Keep in Touch” from the drop down menu.

linkedin connection 3

3.) Scroll down the page until you see “Filter by”.
4.) Select “Connections Only.”

linkedin connection 4

5.) Place a check mark in the box next to the Connections you’d like to remove.
6.) Click “More” above each Connection.
7.) Then select “Remove Connection”.

linkedin connection 5

8.) A pop up will then appear informing you of what will happen if you disconnect.
9.) Click “Remove”.

linkedin connection 6

Tip: This is best option if you want to disconnect with many Connections at once.

So you may wonder, what happens when you disconnect? Once you sever your LinkedIn relationship only you can restore that connection. Also, your deleted Contact will NOT receive a notification informing them of this update.