How To Use Buffer For Your Business or Blog

If you have paid attention lately, you will have noticed I have given away many tips, tricks and treats in my blog. This post is no different. Quite a few times I have mentioned my love of Buffer. If you recall, I talked about this platform in my previous posts:

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Buffer is an automation tool that allows you to schedule your social media posts into the future. What is even better is that it is EASY TO USE and the basic package is FREE. If you want to unlock extra features, you have to “Upgrade to Awesome”. However, I have been completely content with my free version.

Recently, I was consulting with a client and I had mentioned my love of Buffer and how I use the tool to schedule my blog posts. The client asked that in our next meeting I set up a Buffer account for her and train her on how to use Buffer for her business. As I was showing off Buffer to my client, I offered to create a “How to Manual,” to make it easier to understand and to reference when I am not there. My client was thrilled!

As I created the manual, I realized this is a powerful resource and I figured my blogging friends might find it helpful as well. Here it is!


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