How to Wrap Up Your Marketing This Holiday Season

It is November 4th and the holiday season is almost here. What does this mean? It means, now is the time to think about your holiday promotions for your business, blog or digital marketing. I am going out on a limb here and I am going to assume one of the main purposes of your online presence is to give value to your customers. However, you don’t need to be a retail business with an online store or offer a 20% coupon to get customers to shop with you this holiday season. There are many ways you can take advantage of the holiday or “gift-giving” season.

How to Wrap Up Your Marketing This Holiday Season
Here are some ideas:

Gift Cards
Mail them or send them digitally. There are online retailers that allow you to create a digital card and send to your contacts’ email. Think of places that are nationally known or a locations that are universal to your client list. Starbucks and Amazon are two examples.

Partner up with another business or Etsy Shop and offer a discount code to their store. Position it as “Your gift to them”.

Free Downloads 
Value doesn’t have to have a direct price attached to it. You may have something that others have a perceived value for. Give this as a gift to make their lives easier.

  • Create a downloadable holiday gift guide.
  • Shopping/gift check list.
  • DIY craft instructions.
  • Infographic for top 10 Yankee Swap or holiday hostess gift ideas.

Raffle and Giveaways 
Raffle off a present (homemade or bought). Get a little extra bang and give away 2 for 1. They can keep one gift for themselves and give the other as a present.

There are many ways you can wrap your marketing this holiday season.

JO Social Branding Gift
You don’t even need a budget to do so. Maybe finances won’t allow you to give something away to your extensive client or customer list. You know what you can do instead? Send a simple holiday email

JO Social Branding Email Marketing
This will go a long way. It lets them know you value them, you are thinking of them, and you aren’t just connecting to them to buy something from you. Before you say, “JO, how am I going to be politically correct with all the different religious holidays out there?”

Are you ready for it?

Don’t send one then!

  • Send a Thanksgiving card, thanking them for their loyalty this past year.
  • Hold off until January and wish them a prosperous New Year.

Now you have diverted the politically correct issue and will stand out among all the December holiday noise by sending a pre-holiday or post-holiday card.

Are you interested in more tips on how to Rock the Holidays & Grow Your Business This Season?  I will be hosting a Rock Your Holidays webinar on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 1 PM ET. Sign up for this event below and I will email you more information.

Rock Your Holidays Cover Photo
Here is a snippet of what we will be discussing:

– How to leverage social media to engage new and existing customers.
– Which promotions and special offers work for your business now.
– Best ways to drive response from your emails and social posts.
– Easy strategies to keep your offers looking good on a cell phone or tablet.
– How to create and manage a campaign for the holidays (it’s easier than you might think!).
– Create a simple playbook to plan your marketing activities all season long.
– Most importantly, how to measure your results to get more out of your effort along the way.

Happy Holidays to you and I hope to see you on Thursday November 13th at 1 PM/ET!