Independence Day Post 2 – Value Statements

In my last post I shared “Why I Said No To Harvard – Twice.” What I didn’t share was that it was a really difficult decision to make. I had put more value on the position than necessary. I mean, who really says “No to Harvard?” Also, the aftermath was not pretty.

The next day, while I was putting my ego back together, my Uncle called. He gave me one of those locker room pep talks. He made me realize, there is something else out there better for me and this position was not meant to be.

Actually, it is already there – JO Social Branding. Yeah that business, I tirelessly have been building up for a year. Do you know how easy it is to start and maintain a business? NOT EASY. Do you know how many times I have heard,

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

Well, it is true.

I thought a supplemental income might help. Looking back I realize now, it would have pulled me away from what I am destined to do. Educate professionals on social media.

My uncle told me to hang up the phone and write 20 value statements about what I learned from this situation. The exercise helped clear my head and re-direct my focus.

value statements 2

Below are my 20 statements. I am sharing my value statements with you to help inspire you. We all have the right to demand more.

value statements

I encourage everyone to do the same.


20 things you love about you.
20 ways you want to change the world.
20 values you need to have you in your life, whether it is a work situation or friends or family.

Feel free to share, or not. Keep them and reflect when you are having an off day.

Oh and remember to #BFAT!

Happy 4th everyone!