Instagram: Bio? What Bio?

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and a family member posted a phenomenal photo of a cupcake. It looked scrumptious. He did the right thing and tagged the bakery it came from. Which is great! Often “Civilians” forget to give credit and properly promote businesses online.

Another good thing: The bakery DID have an Instagram account. Too often businesses don’t have a digital presence where their audience is posting.

Bakery + yummy, photo-worthy food = you should be on Instagram.

However, they did not have any contact information in their Bio.

Correction: They didn’t even have a Bio. That is where I writhed in pain, cringing all over.

Three words: Lost business opportunity.

It doesn’t take long to craft a couple sentences when setting up your Instagram or social media account. Tell people who you are, what you are about and direct them to your website or other social media platforms.

instagram bio 2

A few other issues from this case study:

The bakery needed a clearer username, since no spaces are allowed.
This bakery had a variation of their business name as their username. This made it difficult to ID who they were.

Add a character in between words to make yourself easily identifiable.
Especially if you are a business. For instance my username is jeannineoneil. The two words are easy to detect, but I could make it JeannineOneil or jeannine_oneil, so it is even easier to identify. Another solution is to put your location in the username so people know where to find you, and separate you from other business locations.

No account biography.

All you need is 3 sentences. Keep it short and say who you are, where you are and what makes you special.
Even if you aren’t a writer, compose a few sentences and wordsmith it with a Thesaurus to sound better.

‘Delicious’ is synonymous with ‘appetizing’, ‘scrumptious’, ‘yummy’, ‘luscious’, ‘delectable’, etc. Make mouths water for your food, or help the viewer visualize using your product.

No website information.

Always have a place to direct your audience once they are done looking at your Instagram account.
Send them to a website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. If you don’t, you are losing your audience. We as content consumers are too lazy to Google your website to find you. Make it easy on us to find you and connect!