Introducing my first eBook

I have had this eBook goal in mind for well over a year but always managed to talk myself out of it for some reason. Well I finally held my own feet to the fire and tested the waters with this mini eBook!

I am thrilled to be introducing my first eBook!

70 Newsletter & Email Marketing Tips

I do A LOT of research when it comes to branding; Including topics such as blogging, digital marketing, email marketing and social media. Through conversations that I have had with friends, family, clients and marketing novices and experts, I have realized this accrued knowledge is valuable to others. I have become comfortable working on a one-on-one basis but I thought,

“Why be greedy with this knowledge?” That is why I am sharing it with you!

I call it a “mini eBook” because it is only 23 pages. You probably are saying, “How much advice can you include in 23 pages?” Turns out MUCH. I touch base on 70 waysyes I double and triple counted because I didn’t believe so myself – of how you can take your email newsletter to the next level!

I am tapping into the first-hand knowledge I have learned from my own bi-weekly newsletter “Social Eyes”. Here is a preview:

What Is Included In This eBook

This very quick read, set up as a checklist, will help you develop your newsletter at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Are you sold on it yet? Well the best part is that it is FREE so there is no cost to you! Why should I charge if I am testing the eBook waters? That wouldn’t be fair!

There is one catch, you do need to sign up for my “Social Eyes” newsletter to unlock the free download. Once you have signed up the eBook will be on its way to your inbox! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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