JO Social Branding Instagram Case Study: Alex Moccia

I love sharing this case study and story with contacts and potential clients.  Alex is my “star” client.  I do not favor her over the rest, because I love them all.  Alex really is a music star.  I have had the honor of working with Alex for over a year now.  She has a very unique story.  Alex is in her early 20’s and has spent almost half of her life in the music industry.  In 2013/2014 time frame Alex set out to take her career path into her own hands.  JO Social Branding has helped Alex understand how to use social media to connect with her fans, develop a brand image as well as develop a digital media strategy.  Here is Alex’s case study & success story.  She managed to harness the power of social media, build a fan base, and attract major attention in the music industry.

In Feb. 2014, Alex (Ay) Moccia, a 10 year Music Industry Veteran, approached JO Social Branding for Digital Branding assistance.

In the past, Alex has been signed by major music labels.  She was preparing to release her own music independently. In order to do this, she needed a solid, online fan base.  Even if a label were to approach her, they require proof of a substantial fan following.

After JOSB performed a Social Media Audit, we developed a Digital Marketing Strategy.  Alex had a robust Instagram followingWe used Instagram as the primary platform to further grow her audience and promote her work.

When Alex approached JO Social Branding, she had 790 Instagram Followers.  By implementing her digital marketing plan, Alex was able to grow her fan base immensely.  One year later, Alex has 12.5K Instagram fans. Industry professionals have contacted Alex through her account with requests to work together.  Alex has many large offers on the table, thanks to the dedicated and focused digital media effort.

Alex did not pay for these Followers.  She has acquired them through a solid digital marketing strategy.