JO’s 3 Go To Blogging Resources

Fact: Growing a blog takes time.

There is always something one can learn or add to their blog to make it that much better.  

Honestly, your blog will never be finished.  It is a masterpiece in progress.  However making sure you dedicate time to learning and enhancing your blog will ensure that it rises above the rest.

So here I am sharing my 3 go to blogging resources that have helped grow my blog tremendously over time.

1.)  Building a Framework: Everything I Learned My First Year Blogging ” eBookBuilding A Frame Work eBook

I have had 6 blogs since 1999.  The past 3 years I have really focused on two of the 6.  The other 4 had a much shorter life span.  I thought I was an expert in blogging.  When I read Abby Lawson’s “Building a Framework: Everything I Learned My First Year Blogging ” eBook, I realized there was much more that I could do to enhance my blogs.

I still refer back to this eBook from time to time.  Abby is a Stay at Home Mom and full-time Blogger.  She has managed to make a living off of her blog, Just A Girl and Her Blog.  I highly recommend you buy the book.

1.)  Read it through cover to cover.  Do not make any notes.  Just take it all in.  There is much that she covers and gives a great snapshot of the blogging world and what you need to do to take your blog to the next level.

2.) Then return to the beginning and read it through a second time with a notebook.

3.) Start making notes, and create a wish list of items you want to try for your own blog.

4.) Head on over to your blog with your plan of action and start making changes.  Do this at a pace that is comfortable for you.  I would also give the edits some time to sit.  That way you can measure an increase in traffic or engagement, and know what features are working, or could be tweaked further.

I promise you this book will help you take your blog to the next level.  **I believe in this eBook SO MUCH that I have become an Affiliate Marketer to promote Abby’s work. Buy it now!

2.) SITS Girls Blogging Community

sits girls logoSITS Girls (SITS = Secret is in the sauce) is a great online resource for bloggers.  Articles written by bloggers for bloggers.  This site also acts as a community.  There are many features such as highlighting other bloggers (the wait list is about 6 months long so apply now).  SITS Girls featured my blog back in December, check it out here.  They also have a Saturday Twitter Chat to connect with other members.  If you haven’t heard of a Twitter Chat, think of going to a coffee shop with your best friends.  You Tweet (or chat) about a specific topic or questions the moderator (SITS Girls) poses.  It is one hour, highly intense but a great way to connect with other bloggers in real-time and promote your current posts.  They also have a weekly Link Party.  A Link Party is when one host website (in this case SITS Girls) allows others to post their content to their blog.  Think of it as a blog magazine rack with the latest community members’ posts.

SITS Girls is fantastic in bringing the blogging community together, to help promote, connect and share other Bloggers’ work.  There are other groups out there as well such as International Bloggers Association (IBA) or BlogHer.  Check out my features on both sites!  IBA:”How to Extend the Life of Your Blog Post” and BlogHer: “What is Your Blogging Process?”

3.) Blog Staycation 

Now unfortunately this has just passed, but you can still join the community in the Facebook Group or follow one of the founders, Julie’s blog “Girl On The Move” for future updates. 

blog staycation

I am sure there will be another one in the near future because they are so successful!  Essentially the Blog Staycation takes the concept of growing your blog (at a pace you feel comfortable with) and brings the community factor into it.  It is a weekend dedicated to enhancing your blog.  There are social media events planned through the weekend to check in with the community and motivate yourself to keep going.  Connect with others, share your goals, and focus your time on updating your blog.  Community discussions also help you find other ideas or ways to grow your blog.

Here is my list of accomplished items from  my lifestyle blog, “At Home With The O’Neil’s“:

  1. Added popular posts to my sidebar.
  2. Strengthened my content vs ads ratio. 
  3. Installed security plugins (to both blogs). 
  4. Added another post. 
  5. Connect with others via Twitter & Instagram. 

 4.) Before you go…

One last note and I actually learned from Julie.

Rather than have a subscribe feature to your blog, use an email newsletter sign up form.  That way you control and own the list if anything happens with your blogging platform.  

Very smart idea.  Thanks for sharing Julie!

Those are my 3 go to blogging resources.  What are some of yours?


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Just A Girl and Her Blog 
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Blog Staycation Facebook Group

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