JO Social Branding June 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

June 2015 Email Marketing Report

In the April 2015 Email Marketing Report, I vowed to focus more on increasing my open and click-through rates.  With my June 8th newsletter “MORE NEWS than you can handle.” I managed to keep up my average – which is a feat in of itself these days.  Let’s take a look at the latest numbers.


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Newsletter Title: More News Than You Can Handle
Topic: Social Media News & Resources
Date Sent: June 8, 2015
Time Sent: 11:01 AM

May Email Reporting Numbers













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My Report: 

JO Social Branding newsletter reporting numbers June 2015_2










How to read this:

This Newsletter Numbers are actually numbers of emails opened etc.
The Newsletter % is the Newsletter Numbers viewed as a percentage for this email.
My Average: Based on the reporting of past emails.
Industry Average: Based on Constant Contact Reporting for the specific industry.
Green = On target or exceeded My Average.
Red = Lacking with My Average or Industry Average.
Yellow = No change from previous report.


With this particular campaign, I had 138 of 403 contacts open the newsletter.  This is 35% of my total audience.  The industry average for open rates is 14.3%, my average is 36%.  Even though I was 1% below my average, I still doubled the industry average.  As for my click-through rate, or those who actually clicked on the links in my newsletter, there were 28.  That is 20% of my contacts; my average is 19% and the industry average is 7.1%.


With this newsletter I doubled the industry average of open rates and tripled the average of click-through rates.  However, compared to my average numbers, I just maintained my high averages.

One particular note of interest.  I have had my highest click-through rate with one link in this newsletter.  It was 64%.  This newsletter was unique in the sense that I started out with my business news.  It had been 3 weeks since the last newsletter.  I typically publish every other week, however I pushed out publication date due to Memorial Day weekend and an anniversary getaway trip.

In that 3 week time period, there was a lot of information to include.  Including my new website launch, introduction of a new scheduling tool, new blog email list and a summer marketing tips series.  That 64% click-through was for my new website and the second highest was 21%, for the new scheduling tool.

With this newsletter, I had 5 bounced emails and 5 unsubscribes.  I have noticed that I am consistently having more and more unsubscribes.  No reasons were given to why the contacts were opting out.  I assume it is because this newsletter has undergone a major transformation in the past few months.

As I started this email marketing report, I started focusing on delivering more relevant content based on my average.  Therefore, the purpose of the newsletter has shifted.  It is now more about breaking industry news and less about case studies and tips and tricks – which I originally promised.  I am okay with this.  As my click-through rates continue to grow, I know the content I deliver pleases the majority of my contacts.  As much as I would love to have zero unsubscribes with all my newsletters, I know this is impractical.

My goal for the next newsletter is to continue to meet and hopefully exceed the open and click-through rates.

Don’t compare your percentage numbers to mine.  The best way to increase those numbers is to measure against yourself and to test new techniques.  It is different for everyone.  Learn from me (mistakes and all) to help you grow your email marketing.  Or contact me for an audit/strategy session (shameless plug).

Tip:  The best way to increase open rates, is to have a captivating subject line.  Be crafty and devise a subject line that would make YOU open the newsletter right away.  

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