Just Be the Banana

What an odd title right? Let me explain. My husband HATES social media. Which is difficult because often when an individual has a work issue, they go to their significant other to help talk them through it. In our situation it is difficult AND annoying because his hatred for the topic often clouds his opinion. Recently, I needed to chat and for him to understand and offer feedback. I broke it down for him in an Apple and Banana example. (I used Bananas instead of Oranges because we overuse the Apple/Orange analogy.)

apples and bananas

Background: The real issue that I was trying to discuss with him were situations where I have found clients wanting to imitate competitors or other businesses on their social media platforms, when they should just be focusing on their own strategy.

Our Conversation:

Me: Well if you are an Apple and you see a Banana, you can’t be the Banana. Even though both are fruit, you cannot adopt the Banana’s identity, and you most definitely cannot taste like the Banana.”

My Husband: “Right. If you are a Banana, you just have to be the Banana.”

Okay – so it didn’t go quite as I planned but he FINALLY got what I was trying to say and agreed with me. Which made me a happy wife. Then I burst into hysterics at how serious he stated his point, ‘Just be the Banana‘.

As a business, in all aspects not just social media, it is important to remember to Just be You. Don’t worry what the competition is doing. Yes, keep an eye on them to see what they are up to. In the end you should focus on moving forward, not looking back.

I view it is a race. Do you want to chase the competition or blaze the path? Exactly.

Focus on You. Plan your journey. Make competitors ride your coattails.


Bringing it back to social media marketing: Don’t think about the competition, think about your audience, the end-user. What do they want to hear? What do they want to see? What do You want to say to them? Then plan your strategy. In other words,

Just Be the Banana.

Banana with dark sunglass