Why I Killed My Social Media Accounts

Yes you heard me right. I purposely killed off my social media accounts. Well just a few of them. One day I opened my eyes and realized that I was doing exactly what I tell my clients NOT to do:

“Don’t over extend yourself on social media.”

Too often I find clients who have “Shiny Object Syndrome,” where they set up accounts on the newest social media platforms and leap before they even test the waters. Then they find themselves on too many platforms, struggle to keep up with social media and suffer from “Social Media Overload”.

This is a bad situation, for businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers. Eventually we all feel the tax on our resources, and the pressure to keep up with social media. This is why it is beneficial to do a little brainstorming upfront and plan which accounts make the most sense for your business or blog.

It is best to think the process through first and then setup your social media accounts. This is otherwise known as building your social media strategy. More on this later. But you are probably wondering,

You are a ‘Social Media Expert’, why did you kill off your social media accounts?”

I performed a social media audit – on my business – and found I duplicated the process AND doubled the work for myself.

Originally I set out to have my Jeannine O’Neil ‘persona’ separate from JO Social Branding. I have my own personal Facebook Page and a Business Page (per Facebook guidelines). However, I did this for mostly ALL of my social media accounts. In doing so, I created multiple presences on Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

social media strategy

As my business grew and people learned more about JO Social Branding, I found I embodied the brand. Professionals knew me as the ‘Jeannine’ or the (‘JO’) behind JO Social Branding.

That is when I realized I could blend the two. There really was no need for me to have multiple presences everywhere. I eliminated JO Social Branding’s Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Since I am not selling products on Pinterest this is okay. If you are a business selling products on Pinterest, you need to have a separate, verified business page.

As for Google+, the only downside is that I don’t have a physical presence with Google Maps. However, I weighed the pros and cons to having two Google+ accounts and I am comfortable with this decision.

social media strategy 2

Sidenote: I only have one Twitter and one Instagram and blend the content to contain personal as well as business-related material. Therefore, my strategy looks more like this:

social media strategy 3

Now you are probably wondering … “What happened when you killed off these accounts?”


The accounts have been gone for almost two months and no one has asked, “Where did you go?” If anything it has helped strengthen my digital presence, because now my focus isn’t spread too thin.

Ironic huh? The expert, who lives and breathes social media is telling you to cut back. Well, not really. I am telling you think smarter – not harder and pre-plan your social media strategy.

Below is a short SlideShare presentation. It walks you through the things you need to think about when setting up your social media strategy.