LinkedIn Hidden Gem Feature

The other day, I was viewing a first level connection’s LinkedIn profile and stumbled upon a feature that I didn’t know existed. Did you know you can make notes or write yourself reminders, on a first level connection’s profile, to view at a later date?

The equivalent of this when you are in the real world, get a contact’s business card at a networking event and write down some information to remind yourself later.

However, the difference is, this is digital, only for you to see and is “linked” to your LinkedIn account.

It is a little deceiving because when you view your connection’s contact info, it gives you the option to edit. You aren’t editing their info, these are the reminders you are posting for yourself.

Here you are viewing my account as me, and how it looks to edit my account information:

linked in 3

This is a view of my account from a Contact’s perspective with the option to edit:

linked in 4

So how do you do this?

Step 1: Go to a first level Contact’s page.
Step 2: Click “Contact Info”
Step 3: Two tabs will appear, “Relationship” and “Contact Info”.


linkedin 2

Step 4: Click on the pen to edit information and click “Save” or “Done Editing”.

A Few Notes

1.) This only works for first level connections.
2.) Views may differ depending on your Contacts’ account settings. For instance I can make more edits to one Contact’s account than another.

While I am at it, here is another LinkedIn Tip:
If you want to maximize your account, connect with 10 new contacts every week. Set a goal for yourself, post a reminder in your calendar and before you know it your profile will grow substantially!! Good luck!

And feel free to “Link In” with me!

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