LinkedIn Is Bringing It In-House

linkedin logoLast week LinkedIn entered the content creation world in a BIG way, with a one-two punch. On Tuesday, their blog announced the ability to create written content in your LinkedIn account with a built-in blog feature. Then on Thursday, their blog announced a partnership with Haiku Deck where you can create PowerPoint-styled presentations and share them directly to your LinkedIn profile.

Prior to these announcements you had to either:

  • Share your blog URL to your LinkedIn account.
  • Import your PowerPoint, PDF or Microsoft Word file to Slideshare. From there it would be added to your LinkedIn account.

This in-house feature and third-party partnership with Haiku Deck aims to make the content creation and sharing process easier for the average user.

What this means:
It has always been relatively stress-free to share content with LinkedIn however, it required using other platforms to create the content first. Perhaps you didn’t know the process to share content, scared to take the leap or intimidated by learning a new platform. Now they are bringing the features “in-house”, aiming to make the process easier, encourage professionals to spend more time in their accounts as LinkedIn guides them down the content creation path.


  • Built-in features and strategic partnerships makes it easier to create the content.
  • Encourages professionals to enhance their online portfolios.
  • Welcomes non-creatives and marketing professionals into the content creation world.
  • Both platforms have easy to use interfaces.


  • There is no way to track blog views or how popular the content is.
  • Both Haiku Deck and the built-in blog has limited formatting options.

This is just the beginning phases for these features and I am sure LinkedIn will add more bells and whistles at a later date. The limited options makes it less intimidating for new creators to become comfortable with the content creation process. Perhaps LinkedIn’s target audience is not the marketing community where measurement is key and lack of formatting is a flaw. They are great features and alternatives to highlight your creative skills for those unfamiliar with the processes. It will be interesting to see how well the LinkedIn community adopts these new tools.

LinkedIn Is Bringing It In House