LinkedIn’s Newest Features for Businesses (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote about the newest features that professionals can use on LinkedIn. One of the topics I discussed is how LinkedIn is enhancing its platform and reaching new target audiences. One of those target audiences is business owners. In this part, I will focus on the features LinkedIn provides to businesses to help them establish their LinkedIn Company Page.

NOTE: If we are going to be technical, these features aren’t new, however many don’t even know they exist and this is why I have chosen to highlight them.

What a Company Page Can Do For You

3d businessman holding a chain togetherWith a Company Page, businesses can share news, highlight various aspects of their business in the Business Showcase area, post jobs, advertise or invite employees to connect, post and share content from the page.

However, there are more features that hide in the background that very often businesses don’t utilize. These are Company Page Analytics, Sponsored and Targeted Updates.

Company Page Analytics

The first powerful tool of LinkedIn Company Pages is the analytics feature. This provides the owner or manager all the information of what is going on within their Company Page.

Here are some benefits to using Company Page Analytics:

  • View a demographic snapshot of your page followers. This includes: Seniority, Industry, Job Function, Company Size and their Employee Information.
  • Develop an understanding of how well your page is doing by analyzing: Page Views, Unique Visitors and Page Clicks.
  • Examine how far your page is reaching followers in terms of Page Impressions and Unique Views.
  • View information on how follower are engaging with your page. The data is broken down by: Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares and Followers Acquired.
  • Discover how well updates are performing with information on Impressions, Clicks, Interactions and Followers Acquired.
  • Sponsored Updates
    Sponsored Updates are just that, updates that you have already posted, that you wish to promote. In order to do this you need to have a LinkedIn Advertising account ( You can choose to create the campaign within the page URL or go directly to the post and click “Sponsor an Update”.

    This feature allows you to target updates to a specific audience and extend your page reach beyond your current followers. It is also a great way to build brand awareness and attract quality leads.

    Targeted Updates
    This feature ensures you are sending the correct message to the right target audience. After you compose an update and before you hit “Share” you can choose the demographics of the audience that you want the message to be delivered to. You can target updates by: Company Size, Industry, Job Function, Seniority or Geography.

    hand with red dartSponsored Vs Targeted Updates
    The difference between Sponsored and Targeted Updates is that you pay for Sponsored Updates to extend your message beyond your current followers.

    Whereas Targeted Updates allows you to send your post to a specific audience that is already following you.

    Okay this post is getting lengthy and I have more to say. Return next week to learn how to pull these three features together and make them work for you.