March 2015 Email Marketing Report

It’s time for my second JO Social Branding Email Marketing Report!  Are you ready?  If you recall with the February 2015 Email Marketing Report my takeaways were to create stronger subject lines and to create an enhanced focus on content that appeals to my audience.

I am happy to share that I achieved just that and it is reflected in my numbers!  This proves that a slight focus on your reporting and analytics can do wonders for your marketing!

To understand the various reporting terms, click here to view the definitions.

**The numbers below appear inflated.  This is because I had a surge in my contact list growth.  Since the last report, my list grew from 226 to 332 contacts.  The increase you will see with my own reporting numbers isn’t entirely due to list growth.  It is also due to the focused reporting analysis that I have created for ‘Social Eyes‘.

Newsletter Title: Brought to you by the number 3
Social Media News & Resources
Date Sent: March, 23, 2015
Time Sent: 11:35 AM

My Report:

How to read the graph above:
This Newsletter Numbers are actually numbers of emails opened etc.
The Newsletter % is the Newsletter Numbers viewed as a percentage for this email.
My Average: Based on the reporting of past emails.
Industry Average: Based on Constant Contact Reporting for the specific industry.
Green = On target or exceeded My Average.
Red = Lacking with My Average or Industry Average.
Yellow = No change from previous report.

In green you will see a high Open Rate.  This tells me my goal of focusing on creating stronger subject lines, to entice more of my audience to open up the newsletter worked.  With more readers opening my newsletter, this also resulted in a lower Did Not Open Rate.  My Sent Rate remains the same as my average and is higher than the industry average.  In addition my 0% Spam Rate has remained.  This tells me readers are overall happy with the content I am delivering.

Could Be Better
My Click Rate is higher than my average but is still below the industry average.

The way to increase my Click Rate is to check past newsletters and see which type of content is receiving more traction.  By “traction”, I mean what type of content readers are clicking on more often.  Is it industry articles, presentations, blog posts?  Or you can analyze by topic: marketing, SEO, social media platforms, etc.  Looking for the peaks in clicks through rates, will reveal what type of content my audience is most interested in.

A quick analysis with this newsletter shows:

It appears Facebook is a popular topic however, it could be the type of media (presentation and article).  I will monitor this in the future.

I also had 3 Bounced Emails and 5 individuals Unsubscribe.

I am not that concerned about these two numbers.  These two occurrences happen naturally.  Especially when your list has a surge in subscribers in a short time period.  If this occurrence continues, I would analyze the newsletter closer to see why this is happening.  Or look to see if readers left unsubscribe comments and why the emails bounced.  A quick review with this newsletter, shows that a couple of email accounts are no longer in use (suspended) and one person shared that he no longer works in the industry.

My Takeaways:
I am going to keep an eye on the unsubscribed and bounced emails.  I also plan to analyze my click-through rates.  I will accomplish this by reviewing my last 3 newsletters.  By doing this I will look to see where the most link action is happening, to further cater my content to my target audience.

Until next time!


Don’t compare your percentage numbers to mine.  The best way to increase those numbers is to measure against yourself and to test new techniques.  It is different for everyone. Learn from me (mistakes and all) to help grow your email marketing.  Or contact me for anaudit/strategy session (shameless plug).


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