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New Year, New Goals – My 3 Words

You probably have heard the phase, “If you aren’t measuring, you aren’t marketing.”  In order to run a marketing campaign you need to measure what it is that you are trying to do.  However, to even do that, you need to set some goals or standards beforehand to reflect upon at a later date.

The same goes for life – especially for a Type A personality like myself.  I always strive to be better.  I do so by setting yearly goals for myself or what some people call as “New Year’s Resolutions”.  A few years ago I adopted the practice of choosing 3 words to guide my direction in the coming year.  This is a practice that Chris Brogan started and talks about often on his blog.


My 2015 Words:


To be more in the present moment with my family and friends. To live less in the past or projecting towards the future but to “feel” now.



Starting a business is a daunting task. I didn’t go to angel investors, borrow money or take out a loan from the bank.  I started from $0.  The first year and a half was tough.  My husband and I made many sacrifices to just pay the bills.   I wanted to use 2015 to get back to living comfortably and not worrying (as much) about our bank account.



This is an ego goal but I wanted recognition for my hard work by industry professionals.


The words are vague for a reason.  I hate setting resolutions like “lose weight” and then it not happening and feeling worse about myself.  I choose words to help guide me through the year.  Every business decision I make, I have those words in mind.  As a matter of fact, I have written the words on an index card and they are eye level on our fridge.  Talk about a daily reminder.


Looking back on 2015 and these words I can share that this strategy worked on a personal and professional level. 


Just this week my Husband said to me that he felt like our relationship became closer this past year.  I believe it was this mindset shift.   When he is at home, I try my hardest to put my work aside, be present and be in “home mode”.  Sometimes this is unavoidable, but by compartmentalizing my life, it has made for a better business and happier lifestyle.  


As for comfort, I can say (knock on wood) that we have been able to splurge on ourselves a little more.  Little luxuries like going out to eat and getting a manicure/pedicure were things of the past.  It is nice to have those simple indulgences again.


I will admit the recognition didn’t come as I expected. There is no new title, shiny figurine or even framed award, but there has been a shift in the public’s perception of my professional persona and my business.  I see the recognition when a referral comes through or someone says, “I talked to Sally and she said she saw you speak” or “Tom told me I need to contact you”.


A recent recognition happened just last week, The Good Morning Gloucester Gloucestercast, a local podcast interviewed me about JO Social Branding.  Even though we are from the same hometown, the owner Joey C. found me on Instagram, started following my account and invited me on his show.  You can listen here.


In Summary

At the end of 2014, I looked at my bank account and the hours that I put into that year to getting my business established.  I wanted to throw up at how much I made per hour.  It was pennies.  This year, I worked harder and made more.  However it isn’t the bank account that has me motivated.  It is the feeling – I feel whole.

These 3 words gave me a sense of direction and guidance that led me to a better place mentally, physically and professionally.

I have chosen my 3 words for 2016 but I won’t be sharing them until next year.  I don’t want to impose my words on you.  There is also a business strategy to this as well.  I need to have some sort of competitive advantage going into the New Year.

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So I ask you, what are your 3 words for 2016? (If you are willing to share.)


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