JO Social Branding October 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

October 2015 Email Marketing Report

In my September 2015 Email Marketing Report I focused on the “less is more” content tactic.  Lately with my Social Eyes newsletter, my average click-through-rates haven’t been as high as I want them.  I believe it is because I include too much content in my newsletter.  I scaled back the amount of content and my click-through-rate average jumped from 11% to 13%.  As a matter of fact, I saw improvement across most of my average analytics.  Let’s use my Oct. 12th newsletter as an example.

Newsletter Title:  Social Media in OuterSpace? Yes it is Happening.
Topic: Social Media News & Resources
Date Sent: Monday, October 12, 2015
Time Sent: 11:32 AM

October Email Marketing Report _JO Social Branding

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My Report:

October 2015 Email Marketing My Report
How to read this:

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The Newsletter % is the Newsletter Numbers viewed as a percentage for this email.
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Scaling Back

When creating my newsletter, finding the right amount of content to include is always a battle.  Given the speed of this industry and Social Eyes being a bi-weekly newsletter, I am NEVER at a loss for content.  I always have too much content and need to scale back what I share.

However, as our screens become smaller and our brains become cluttered with more information, it is difficult to get your message across without overwhelming the audience.  In order to get your message across you need to keep your content short and sweet.  I scaled back the text descriptions to one sentence and have started to filter out content that I don’t think is relevant to the audience.  The results speak for themselves:

September 7 v.s. October 12 newsletter

  • My average Open Rate jumped from 29% to 37%.
  • My average Click Through Rate jumped from 11% to 13%.
  • My average Did Not Open Rate dropped from 71% to 63%

I plan to continue to scale back the amount of content I share to make sure Social Eyes accomplishes the mission in providing breaking news and not overwhelming the audience.

It has been a great 7 months but I am ending this Email Marketing Report series.  I hope this series has taught you how to tweak your email marketing to make it work better for your brand and has helped you understand the world of email marketing.

I want to hear from you has your email marketing improved with this email marketing series?  Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t compare your percentage numbers to mine.  The best way to increase those numbers is to measure against yourself and to test new techniques.  It is different for everyone.  Learn from me (mistakes and all) to help you grow your email marketing.  Or contact me for an audit/strategy session (shameless plug).

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