One Year Anniversary Post: The Supporters, Lessons & Achievements

happy 1 year

WOW! Can you believe it has been a year for JO Social Branding! This year has FLOWN by and I am thrilled to write this one year anniversary post! I have learned so much about entrepreneurship, running a business and crazily enough a lot about myself as a person. There have been lessons learned and goals achieved (we will talk about those soon). All of them were rewarding, even the not so fun ones. Each lesson has made me stronger and validated that this is my destiny.


Of course I would be nothing without my network of supporters, cheerleading me on even when it was an uphill battle and I wondered if it was worth it. (Of course it is!) It isn’t just a one-woman-show, I have a squad of supporters pushing me and cheering me on as I venture deeper into the business world.

My number 1 supporter, and best friend is my Husband. It truly is us against the world. He is the steady, constant force in our relationship. I am the one with grandiose ideas, who takes risks. Sometimes he doesn’t understand, but he believes in me. So he goes along with what I propose and is by my side no matter what. He is the biggest JO Social Branding cheerleader, even when I don’t believe in myself. I admit there were a few times I wanted to throw in the towel for a steady income and sacrifice my happiness. He reminded me, this is my purpose and even though our finances aren’t what they were, my happiness level has returned, and that is all that matters. He has made sacrifices for my happiness and to pursue this dream. I am a VERY lucky lady to have grabbed him up.

We all need that coach in our corner of the ring to dab our wounds when we are bleeding or need a little nourishment, compassion and motivational words. He is my coach, always there to help me through, the good times and the bad.

Some other supporters, my Parents. Now they really don’t understand what I do, but they call every day and want to know what is going on, even if it is like I am speaking another language. Without them this business would not exist. They paid for my college career, so I would enter the working world without debt and a freedom to pursue my dreams without being tied to student loans. They taught me the value of money by forcing me into the working world at 16, and from that experience I have developed an unwavering work ethic that I use to this day.

My mentors, there are 3 of them and they all are unique and offer support in varying ways. Either by emailing, chatting on the phone, meeting for a catch-up coffee dates or texting me motivational messages. Each of them have been on this journey with me from the start and are truly my guardian angels. They hold me accountable, give me homework (for real!) and push me to pursue ideas I don’t even think I am capable of pursuing. They make sure I am the best that I can be, for myself, my business and my clientele.

Family & Friends. Things change a lot when you become an entrepreneur. This group has become smaller, but the ones that have stuck around have cocooned me and given me strength, support and perseverance to transition into a hectic world of 12+ hour work days.

Now the lessons learned:

JOSB Lessons Learned

Highlights of Goals Achieved

2nd year goals achieved

Looking back

Now I can see why this year flew by and I couldn’t have done it without you, my loyal blogging and social media friends. Thank you for listening, commenting, sharing & cheering me on!

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