Playas Got To Play – Building Your Marketing Playbook

“Super Bowl” or  “The Big Game” is upon us.  You are hearing everything about fantastic football plays, super-sized halftime shows and multi-million dollar advertisements.

How does this apply to your business or blog?

Well with each of these examples there is some sort of playbook in place.  Whether it is:

  • Tom Brady’s planned lateral pass to Julian Edelman, who throws the football down field to Danny Amendola for the touchdown.  (Boston Girl = New England Pats Fan).
  • Katy Perry’s ‘surprise’ announcement during the Divisional Playoffs Round, hyping Lenny Kravitz’s cameo appearance for her Super Bowl Halftime Show.
  • Or CBS hosting an interactive “Best of Super Bowl Commercials” TV segment one week before The Big Game.

Each of these tactics are well planned ahead of time and executed from a Playbook of some sort.  So my question is:

JO Social Branding What Moves Are In Your Marketing Playbook?

Do you have a Marketing Playbook?  The best ‘Playas’ do.  

How do you build a playbook?  It’s actually very easy.

  1. First choose a marketing objective for your campaign.
    What is it that you wish to accomplish for your business or blog? 
  2. Set a measurable goal(s) to obtain that objective.
    It is important that it is measurable so you can evaluate and measure your results.  Do not make too many goals.  You can overextend your marketing and ruin your campaign.  Keep it to one or 2.
  3. Answer these questions. Once you have a better idea to the answers, then you can plan accordingly.
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What is your main message?
    • What is your call to action? 
  4. Make a list of your marketing channels. (Website, Blog, Email Marketing, Social Media Channels, Traditional and Digital Advertising, etc.)
  5. Get a calendar or download my Editorial Calendar.
  6. Start planning out your marketing – with a pencil.  This is the best way to integrate your marketing, to ensure each piece plays off one another nicely.
    • First put in your event date/deadlines.
    • Second start scheduling out your marketing.
    • How will you use each of your digital and traditional marketing tools to properly execute your message?  This is the best way to integrate your marketing, to ensure each piece plays off of one another nicely. 
  7. Put your plan into action.  Create and schedule content according to your playbook.
  8. At the end of the marketing campaign, evaluate all your marketing activity and check if your marketing objectives and goals were met.  If they were, Congrats, your game plan was a success!!  If not, evaluate and re-strategize for your next campaign.

For instance, look at Constant Contact’s Playbook example for the latest December holiday season.  They have a concise plan for their digital marketing activities where each channel plays nicely off one another.

JO Social Branding Marketing Playbook Example

Are you excited to get started?  

Download my Editorial Calendar (same as a Marketing Playbook) and start planning your marketing now.  Or if you are interested in planning your marketing strategy, contact me today.

Image Sources: JO Social Branding & Playbook courtesy of Constant Contact.
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