Smart Use of Promoted Tweets


Promoted Tweets are just that, tweets that businesses have paid extra to promote and have located in prime space in your Twitterstream and Twitter profile. There are two places you will find Promoted Tweets:

1.) Tweets are marked as “Promoted” in your Twitterstream. You can choose to dismiss these tweets if you wish.

twitter dismiss tweet

2.) In the Trending Tweet area – to the left side – it will be the top tweet and is also marked as “Promoted”. Technically these are promoted hashtags.

twitter promoted tweet 2

Marketers pay to have tweets and hashtags front and center. When choosing a promoted tweet or hashtag here are a few things you should keep in mind. These tips really apply for any organization/event, not just if you are promoting a tweet.

1.) Keep it short. The longer it is, the less character space you or others will have when writing your tweet.

2.) Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your business or event and one that is witty, stands out and grabs attention.

3.) Make sure no one else is using that hashtag.

4.) Promote your hashtag every chance you get.

5.) Lead by example, use your hashtag often when tweeting. People will learn to adopt it as well.

6.) Choose one hashtag for your organization and stick to that. The more people use it, the more weight it will have and will last longer over time.

If you choose to go the Promoted Tweet route there is one thing to keep in mind and that is to think about timing. You have one day to be in that prime spot in the Trending Tweet area. Choose your day wisely. One of the best examples I have seen of timing with Promoted Tweets is #DressLikeFlo. The week before Halloween, Progressive Insurance paid to have #DressLikeFlo as the promoted hashtag on Twitter. Flo is the witty Progressive Insurance Agent – turned celebrity – used in most of their advertising campaigns.
twitter promoted tweet

Progressive was smart in using this Hashtag before the holiday, when adults are thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween. Progressive was planting the seed. By giving people the idea to #DressLikeFlo, now their Twitter campaign took on a new life. If people take them up on their suggestion and dress like Flo, now they have walking branding mascots at Halloween parties and on Halloween night.

Hashtags and tweets are important. Remember – be picky in choosing them because they represent your brand identity. More importantly, be creative like Progressive and see where you can get the most bang for your buck.