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Social Eyes Podcast #1 | 1.10.16

Welcome to the very first JO Social Branding Social Eyes Podcast!

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Podcast Notes:

Hey everyone its Jeannine here.  Happy New Year!

For the Social Eyes Subscribers, as promised in my last Social Eyes Newsletter I mentioned that I had some big updates for you and it was the reason why I took a 3 week hiatus.  Well I am ready to share my news.

I am thrilled to be introducing this Social Eyes podcast. 

As time rolls out I will further develop the podcast but I didn’t want any more time to pass before updating you with the latest news.  Now the reason I have decided to create a podcast is because this newsletter has just become too dense with information.  What started out with social media updates on a bi-weekly basis started to become a novel delivered to your inbox every two weeks.

What I hope to do is transform the first section of Social Eyes into a podcast sharing the latest social media news  that has happened in a format that easier to consume.

Due to this formatting update you will also be getting Social Eyes on a weekly basis.  Less content per newsletter with more frequent delivery.   I have had many thoughts and conversations about this shift with Social Eyes and I encourage feedback from you as well.

I welcome you along for this new phase and realm of JO Social Branding and the Social Eyes Newsletter and Podcast.  If you want to learn more about any of the topics I have discussed visit the blog at for podcast notes included in the blog post.

For those who are new, Welcome to Social Eyes, a weekly newsletter and podcast that delivers the latest social media news happening in the world as well as digital marketing news happening with my business JO Social Branding.

If you like this new experience please forward to your friends and share the newsletter with them.   If this becomes too much and you need to unsubscribe I hate to see you go but understand.

Okay let’s get started.




Facebook Messenger hits 800 million with big plans for 100 Million.

“This is going to be a big year for Messenger, says Zuck. 800 million users now. Did you know people can sign up to use…” Mari Smith

Posted by Mari Smith on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Buying Cars Using Mobile from Facebook IQ

“Facebook IQ commissioned a study on the behaviors and attitudes of “mobile-first” auto consumers and how they compare to the “desktop-first” crew.”

Crazy fact 62% – if they could complete the entire car purchase online they would!


After years of development, our virtual reality experience, Oculus Rift, is now available for pre-order!

“When you put on Oculus, you’ll feel like you instantly teleported into adventures like deep-sea diving, piloting a starfighter or playing in a band on stage. More than 100 virtual reality games and other experiences are coming this year.”




Fighting abuse to protect freedom of expression
“Over the past year, we’ve taken several steps to fight abuse in order to protect freedom of expression: We’ve empowered users with tools for blocking, muting, and reporting abusive behavior, and evolved our policy to capture more types of abusive behavior. We’ve also increased our investment in policy enforcement so that we can handle more reports with greater efficiency, and bolstered educational resources through a new Twitter Safety Centre.”



LinkedIn Economic Graph: 2015 Year in Review & Trends to Watch

“1. Cities and states will play an increasingly important role in the economy, and public/private partnerships will help them keep pace.

2. Workers will continue to travel great distances for a solid job after college.

3. Workers will continue to find new jobs through people they already know, but how often this occurs will vary by industry.

4. The freelance economy will continue to grow, particularly in specific industries.”


One of LinkedIn’s Most Engaged Members: Military Veterans

“Military and veteran members have, on average, 14% more connections than non-veteran members, meaning the military and veteran community is arguably “out networking” non-vets.

Additionally, veteran and military members are very active within LinkedIn Groups, demonstrated by 55% more group views than non-veterans. This community is also following companies at rates 46% higher than non-veteran members. Simply put: U.S. military and veteran members are LinkedIn power users.”


3 Mobile Search Tricks to Try this Holiday Season and Beyond

How to use the new mobile app to find people, jobs, etc.


Google / YouTube

#SpecialDelivery: Google Spotlight Stories come to YouTube with interactive 360-degree storytelling

“Bringing Google Spotlight Stories to YouTube with “Special Delivery,”.

With Google Spotlight Stories, your phone becomes a window to a story happening all around you. The sensors on your phone allow the story to be interactive, so when you move your phone to various scenes, you unlock mini-stories within the story.”


Updating our privacy policy
“This year we’ve been doing a lot of work with our partners (like advertisers and developers) to find new ways to make Pinterest feel a little more personalized and useful for you.”

Includes what information they collect, how they use it, policies in obtaining the data.


Constant Contact

Why You Don’t Need Advanced Strategies to Find Success in 2016 

“As someone marketing a small business, you may be on the lookout for the next big thing, hoping to find a silver bullet or advanced strategy to use in 2016. The truth is you probably don’t need any of those things.

If you’re using email marketing to get the word out about your small business and retain existing customers, you already have a strong foundation in place.”


[Infographic] 2016 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

“It’s no secret that images are an important part of your social media content.

They attract attention and stand out among the information that floods our social news feeds. In fact, social media posts with visuals deliver 180 percent greater engagement.

The tricky part is that each social network has its own dimension requirements to make your visuals look their best.”



Apple App Store’s 2015 App of the Year

“This morning we woke up to a delightful surprise — Periscope has been named App Store Best of 2015 by Apple.”



In Other News: / JO Social Branding News

Blog Post: New Year New Goals My 3 Words

Mari Smith Word “Order”
“In doing this practice for many years and find it invaluable! The word helps to guide many decisions on a personal and professional level. My 2016 word is ORDER – read more on this blog post.” 

If you could pick just one word as your 2016 theme, what would it be? (If you prefer two or three words, that’s totally…

Posted by Mari Smith on Thursday, January 7, 2016


Blog Post:  How to extend the reach or your email


Podcast Side Note: Right now this podcast hasn’t been submitted to iTunes and other Podcast Streams but will be in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this podcast!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and comments!


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