Social Eyes Podcast

Social Eyes Podcast #10 | March 13 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.

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Podcast Notes:


New Updates to Facebook Lead Ads


  1. Save time with duplicate forms – You can now simply copy a form that you created before and update specific fields. Keeping forms consistent and saving you time.
  2. Facebook teamed up with New CRM partners including Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Sparkroom and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and partnered with with Zapier and MailChimp to better integrate Facebook ads with the list growth platforms.
  3. Create more captivating lead ads with video.
  4. Customizable disclaimers – You can now customize disclaimers and include hyperlinks. The update In addition, advertisers can include checkboxes to require people to give permission to share their information.
  5. Lead ads now available in the ads create tool. Found in “Collect leads for your business”.


Why you would use it for your business:
If you are in the business to capture information of leads, like Real Estate Agents with potential Buyers. This is a great way to put information out there, get them to fill out a form and then you can take the conversation offline to close the sale.



Pub in Pub Season 2, Episode 3: Jessica Walsh on Getting People to Stop Scrolling

Facebook interviews Jessica Walsh, partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, who talks about how she uses Instagram for her advertising clients. In this 3 minute video she talks about experimenting with Instagram content and not over thinking what you are posting.


Why you would use it for your business:
Great way to see how others are using Facebook and Instagram for their business.



Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Acquires new MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade) App

The MSQRD App allows real time filters for Facebook videos.

Taking a break from coding to welcome the MSQRD team to Facebook!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What this means:
Facebook Video and LiveStream get the most amount of interaction in your news feed.  If you have a fun brand or a quirky side this is a great app to take your content to the next level.


Mari Smith Update: F8 Developer Conference News and New Instant Articles WordPress Plugin
Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference via live stream for free? April 12-13. Lots of big announcements coming…

“If you use WordPress, be sure to check out the new Instant Articles plugin. WordPress powers more than 25% of sites on the web.  Instant Articles loads TEN times faster on mobile devices! And the #1 reason people don’t visit websites on mobile is slow loading time.”

Did you know you can watch Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference via live stream for free? April 12-13. Lots of big…

Posted by Mari Smith on Friday, March 11, 2016

Introducing a WordPress Plugin for Instant Articles

  • Goes live April 1
  • Plugin loads 10X faster
  • Optimized for Facebook
  • Images resize
  • Can turn on or off for posts
  • May conflict with other plugins

What this means for you:
Be careful about double posting on your website and Facebook. Google doesn’t like this.  Be strategic, use it for partnership messages, or tweak the message and always have a call to action at the end.

Extended reach when it comes to you online articles.  But remember you don’t want to navigate too far from your website. You website should be the place that you are trying to drive traffic.

  • So I would use it to boost a sponsored write up, partnership, business news or a press release that you are trying to share.
  • Always have a call to action at the end of your post that directs people back to your website. Sign up for you blog, newsletter, etc.


Facebook is taking on Uber with Lyft

You can now order a ride within Facebook Messenger.  Either enter an address or click the car icon from a previous Messenger conversation.  You can also get the status on the driver and pay for your ride through the program.

What this means for you:
There really is no business value out of this but is a great option for personal use.  It is very clear Facebook is trying to be the solution to everyone’s problems and it all exists within the Facebook universe.




It’s Easier to Manage Your Settings on LinkedIn

New dashboard view, easier to manage. No changes have been made with this update.  Three categories: Account, Privacy, Communications.

Added a new setting.  If people have your email address LinkedIn would suggest they connect with you if they uploaded the contacts.  You didn’t have control.  Now you do.  You can choose which level of connection can connect with you.  It is based off everyone, 2nd degree connection or no one.


What it means for you:
It is important to do a checkup every now and then with all your privacy settings on all your accounts.  Maybe it is once or twice a year. Quite often updates happen or new features are added, things move around.  It is important to check back every now and then and make sure everything looks good.




Google Announces Destinations on Google

You can plan your trip from A – Z. Go into Google and type in the name of the location and include the word destinations.   Find the best time flight and hotel rates are low.  Things to do while on vacation. It even tells how long it takes to get from one place to another.


What this means for you:
This is a great resource for travelers. For travel agents it is not.  You need to step up your game against the giant.  If you have specials, giveaways, special relationships with larger agencies then you need to let your audience know.  Show your value and why they need you and your knowledge over Google.

For tourist locations, I would do research and start looking into keywords and terms that are often searched. Try and jump on the bandwagon with this one.  Or purchase Google AdWords specific to your area.


Google Announces Google+ Create Program
Google+ aims to create an exclusive community of Google+ users that are using Google+ to create Collections.  You need to apply for the program and you gain benefits like being able to test new features first and be featured in their communities.

Must have themed collections, high quality content and post regularly.

What this means for you:
This is great for photographer and videographers looking to have their content go viral.


Google Bloggers get a new URL

Google blogs will now have a new domain, “,”. This is to help people who are reading content online to know if it is a blog or now.  Your current blog URL will redirect to the new domain.

What it means for you:
For bloggers nothing really.  For readers, now it is a better experience to know what is blog content vs other online content.




Updates to Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest Ads Manager is a simple, similar to Facebook Ads manager is a DIY ads tool that small to mid-sized business can use. Also includes analytics to see how well promoted pins are performing.

Manage more campaigns at once and advanced measurement to track Promoted Pins impact.

  • New targeting, interest targeting with 420 interest keywords.
  • Keyword targeting based on things they are seeking out
  • Customer database targeting. Save past customer audiences to target.

What it means for you:
A better tool to target your audience if you are using or thinking of using Promoted Pins.  Increased analytics and conversion reports to give you better insight in planning future campaigns.


Pinterest Released Their New Transparency Report

New layout to make it easier to understand and they have updated past reports as well for easy comparison.

What this means for you:
No major changes but shows transparency and social responsibility.




Blab Adds Embedded Players

If you are using Blab you can now embed code on your website. When you are live visitors on your site will be able to see a pop up player.

What this means for you:
Extended reach but a really great opportunity to transform website visitors into Blab subscribers.  Planning with your published content and when you are “Blabbing”.




Meerkat changing its focus in a hot industry

Meerkat sent an open and honest letter to their Investors and then posted the letter on its website.
They stated how live stream video didn’t go as big as they thought it would. They also cite Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Live Video as contenteders in the space.

They have evaluated the data and saw their platform did really when users came together and discussed various topics together.  They used passing the phone around the campfire example. So they are building out a new product that will enable this type of interaction.


What it means for you:
It is still too early to tell and there is a bunch of bigger names in the space but I could see this working really well for a smaller company sharing their culture through the eyes of their employees.  Maybe talking about the benefits of working at the company or their favorite aspect.  Non profits talking with volunteers.

This could be done with Facebook Live Stream or Twitter Persicope too.

As we know videos, testimonials and reviews get a ton of interaction in the space. Why not pull all these together and enable your key audience to spread your word?



In Other News: 

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity Book

My friend  friend Bev, Owner of Linkoture and fabulous Blogger wrote a The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity book about how to infuse creativity in your busy life as a stay-at-home or working Mom.  I love her approach about how Mom’s need to practice self-love and make sure they take time for their creative interests. Busy Moms Guide Book

Bev’s book includes:

  • Quotes from real-life moms about the importance of creativity in their lives and how they make time for their interests
  • Interviews with life coaches and therapists who specialize in working with moms
  • 21 pages of worksheets to reflect and apply what you have learned to your personal life
  • 7 art prints with inspirational quotes about creativity
  • Tips on letting go of mom guilt, bringing your creative interests into those everyday mundane chores you dread, managing your time, and involving your children in the things that make you happy

Buy it on Amazon in eBook or printed version.

This is not a sponsored post, just one friend helping another in spreading the word on her fabulous work.