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Social Eyes Podcast #11 | March 20 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.

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Podcast Notes:


How We’re Making Ad Measurement More Insightful

Facebook continues to take the data they receive and analyze it to make their advertising platform easier to understand the payoff for advertisers.  In August 2014 they added cross-device reporting to their reporting platform, and in January 2015 they added Lift Measurement. This helps analyze the people’s actions, what they did before making a purchase and which platform they did this on.

Facebook has tested this with 1,000 businesses and now they are rolling it out their business partners to further test and grow the program.

What it means for you:
Right now this is very high level and is specific to power users of Facebook ads but ultimately you will have more information to better target and understand your audience and how they interact with you on Facebook and Instagram.


Pub in Pub Season 2, Episode 4: Birdy Ben on Bringing Playful Animation to Instagram Feeds

Tips on using animation with Instagram.


Mark Zuckerberg: 30 New Virtual Realty Games Coming to Oculus in March

We just announced 30 virtual reality games that will be available on Oculus when it ships later in March. This is the…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, March 16, 2016



The Pope Joins Instagram
3 Hours he had 414k followers
First post “Pray for me”


Instagram’s New Algorithm

Instagram is going the path of Facebook and will now have an algorithm that serves users the content the program thinks they most want to see, rather than a chronological order that the system has run on for so long.  Instagram claims that users miss 70% of the content in their feed.

Instagram hopes that this change “To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

You will see content based on:

  • likelihood you’ll be interested in the content
  • your relationship with the person posting
  • and the timeliness of the post

What this means:
You need to post engaging content, engage with your audience and post more often.  Really it is no different than Facebook now besides the fact that you are posting visual and video content.


JO’s Take – Facebook Live Video

JO’s take: What the Instagram Algorithm Update means to you.

Posted by JO Social Branding on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why I did it:  To test out the new program but I wanted to make sure it aligned with my page and what I stand for.  I also wanted to test and see how Live Video compared to links, images, videos etc.

What I said:  I talked about the latest Instagram news because there was a ton of backlash but it really is simple and this time we actually can prepare.

Why I shared and boosted:  I posted on my business page and then shared and commented on my personal page to get an additional boost right after.  When I saw that it was doing so well I boosted the post for $10 extra dollars and received more reach.




Twitter new algorithm

This new algorithm is the same as the other social media platforms trying to delivering the most interesting content to Twitter users.  However, it is different in the sense that users can turn this feature on and off.   This feature is enabled by default.  Users are claiming this new feature was turned on for some users as early as 3/15/16.

What it means for you:
I really like this idea of giving the user the ability to choose if they want this feature. It would be nice to see if other platforms follow suit. However with other platforms with investors and highly focused in advertising they need more control over their audience’s interaction and I don’t see them switching.  For you try one method for one week an switch the setting for a second week and let me know what you think.


Twitter updates the Windows 10 Mobile Interface

Changes include:

  • Content Discovery
  • Group Direct Messages
  • Shoot, Edit and Tweet Video
  • Most requested feature – Dark Theme (Can be found in Settings, Personalization.)

What it means:
Twitter is trying to keep up with their social media competitors.  By updating their interface and creating a better experience for users they hope that they will spend more time on their platform.

I like the ability to edit video in their interface which is something you don’t see too often with other programs and makes them stand out from the rest.




LinkedIn releases July – December 2015 Transparency Report

Printed twice a year to show their social responsibility.

  • 134 law enforcement requests in the second half of 2015,
  • 112 requests in the first half of 2015
  • 100 requests in the second half of 2014

What it means for you:
Nothing it is more LinkedIn showing their social responsibility.


Free Course While You Fly

LinkedIn Mission: “Our goal with is to make it easy for you to access learning content from whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.”

You can now view free courses when you fly Virgin America. This has to do with their relationship with owner and founder Sir. Richard Branson.

View courses like:

  • “Getting Things Done ®”
  • “Creating Great Workplace Habits,”
  • “Managing Stress”

ViaSat-equipped Virgin aircraft will give you unlimited access for free to the course library.

What it means for you:
If you are looking to book your next flight and Virgin America is an option.  It is a different experience that you can have only with them.   This is very important topic to think about with your own marketing. Experience marketing.  What can you offer that is going to give you a competitive advantage against your competition.




Google introduces updates to Google Analytics 360 Suite. 

Very similar to Facebook’s announcement about providing additional insights and information for marketers on who consumers are, how they are connecting, where they are buying etc.

What it means for you:
Get your number crunching hat on or hiring a marketing professional to do it for you because real-time data analysis is going to be playing a much larger role in the future of online marketing.  As it becomes more popular there are going to be more tools for you to use.


Mobilegeddon 2.0

In May Google will be making additional tweaks to their mobile search platform to deliver the right content for the right search queries.

What it means for you:
If you do not have mobile-friendly website, you need to update.  If you do, then you should be fine. Just continue to stay on top of your SEO game.


Additional Comments

Samsung unleashes Waffle, a new social media tool at South by Southwest

Social Media platform that allows users to create content and share with their friends but their friends can interact and engage back with various content.


“For example, a travel enthusiast might start a feed with a photograph taken on her latest trip to Tokyo. Then, others might add, say, a digital doodle of a sumo wrestler, a quote about traveling or an image of some beautifully plated sushi. In this way, Waffle offers a new, differentiated service that illustrates multiple points of view to generate a collaborative story.”

What it means for you:
If this takes off this is a great way to engage and interact with your users and encourage user-generated content and have a different type of conversation. As with all social media it is about trying to get your audience to be excited enough to interact and engage with your content.


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