Social Eyes Podcast

Social Eyes Podcast #13 | April 3 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.

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Podcast Notes:


Live Videos Are Finally Coming to Android

Live videos are viewed more than three times longer when it is live compared to when it is not live.  More than more than 50% of people watching live videos are using Android devices.
What it means for you:

Test a Facebook Live Stream video. Facebook also wrote a similar post about how they view Live Stream posts as their own type of content. Live Stream Video will rank higher in search and Facebook continues to figure out what makes them special and how to rank them in the newsfeed.  Try one and let it sit and see how well it does in your Insights.

Tip: I do the video and then share it to my personal page to try and drive more traffic to my business page.

Two Facebook Features You Didn’t Know Existed
No joke! I have two Facebook tips for you!

Posted by JO Social Branding on Friday, April 1, 2016


Oculus Rift – shipped on March 28 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page

Today we start shipping Oculus Rift! Another big milestone towards the future of computing.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, March 28, 2016

What it means for you:

Virtual Reality is the future of marketing.  See where it goes.  See how brands interact.  Become inspired.




Videos go from 15 to 60 seconds on Instagram

In 6 months Instagram viewership has increased to 40%.  For iOS users you can piece together videos with multiple clips from your camera role.

What it means for you:

Test out Instagram Video. If you do a Facebook Live Stream and it does really well either replicate on Instagram OR put some ad money behind it and share it to both.  Has to be under a minute.


New Instagram Ad Overlay Features

Before ad overlay options included: Go to website or go to App Store.

The new overlay now pulls in your business’ Facebook Page name as or website URL. Whichever you choose as destination setting up your ad.

“For Mobile App Installs, a View in App Store message will appear for iOS ads and a View in Play Store message will appear for Android ads.”

Payment is based on the overlay click through and not the tap.

What it means for you:

If you are thinking of doing Instagram ads now you have more functionality that better align with your marketing and business objectives.




Accessible Images Coming to Twitter

When uploading images to Twitter you can add image descriptions (like Alt Text) for visually impaired.  Need to turn on this feature in your settings (Settings –> Accessibility).

What it means for you:

This is a good practice to start doing for your email, blog and website content.  Putting Alt Text behind images helps the visually impaired interact with your brand.  It also share content if your viewers cannot see the pics (whether they are turned off in email view or they are having technical issues with their display.)



LinkedIn Launches Learning Paths

Learning paths help you better discover content that may be beneficial to you and your career or you want to further develop a specific skill set. There are over 50 new learning paths complete with certificate of completion.

What it means for you:

Learn more about specific topics that you want to learn but don’t have the time to seek out the content.




Spring Clean Your Computer With These 10 Tips

What it means for you:

Take some time to go through each category and clean up your digital tools and ensure your online safety.!?category=online-safety




How-To Pins Coming Soon to Pinterest

Pins will now show a snapshot of the steps for a specific DIY project or recipe.  Released to Android first and iOS will be coming soon.

What it means for you:

If you are creating content that has how to steps and have a Pinterest account this is a great new feature that makes your content easier to consume and may encourage others to repin because of this snippet/teaser view.





New Snapchat Features

  • Chat 2.0 now has video and audio capabilities.  Chat live with if they are online or send to them when they can view.
  • Auto advance stories, saves you from taping from story to story but will auto advance to the next story.
  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What it means for you:

If you are marketer you could do a series of stories that fall together in a short mini drama or saga.



Additional Comments

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Teams Up With Messenger

When you book get a confirmation sent to Messenger, receive check in notifications, receive your boarding pass and flight delays.

What it means for you:
Right now not too much for those flying in the US.  This trend is going to be coming to all airlines.  Travel Agents take note, if you are booking for your customers I would ask permission to sign them up for these notifications to make for a better user experience across the board.


What is Permission-Based Email Marketing and What You Need To Know.

Constant Contact wrote an article this past week about how to properly and legally add people to your contact list.  You need their permission. This article also provides links to other resources and videos to help you legally grow your list and save yourself from being marked as SPAM or fined according to the CAN-SPAM ACT.

What you need to know:
It is never okay to just assume your contacts want to be added to your email marketing list.  This is a great resource to make sure you are compliant with the law and don’t get on the bad side of your contacts.


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