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Social Eyes Podcast #14 | April 10 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.   This week’s news surrounds Facebook’s latest updates.

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Podcast Notes


Facebook adds new features to help visually impaired to interact with Social Media.

Like Twitter announced last week, Facebook is using Artificial Intelligence to help those who cannot see or are visually impaired to interact with the platform.  The difference is that Facebook will “read the image” and provide automatic alternative text to go with visuals.

This is first being released to iOS screen readers set to English.

What it means for you:
If you are visually impaired now you can better interact with the platform.  Even if you aren’t you could share this news with your friends and family.

As a page owner now you have a larger audience to better interact and engage with.


More Live Video Updates

Live Video is now coming to Groups and Events.

What it means for you:

  • Group Leaders: make the platform more interactive. Pose a weekly question or encourage others to interact.
  • Those fitness group leaders this is a great way to do a weekly check in or share a workout plan in person.
  • Events to schedule a live Q&A session or go live during an event to share a sneak peek or acts like a live webinar for those who cannot attend.

Other Live Video updates include:

Live reactions to live video.  The ability of viewers to interact with videos by posting reactions.

What this means for you:
Have a better understanding what people think of your new video content.  Encourage people to interact and share their feelings.

Easier way to discover live video

For those who are using live video on personal accounts they can send invites to their friends.   For pages there is a new interactive global map to discover live videos as they are happening.  This also shows you previously recorded videos to.

Live video can also be found in the trending topics area on Facebook as well.


New Way to Measure Live Video Metrics

Two new video metrics for Live Video for Pages in the Insights – Video Library

  • Total live viewers during a broadcast.
  • Chart with the number of live viewers during every moment of a live broadcast.

What that means for you:
Great way to gauge your content, compare live video to live video, compare moment to moment, compare live to recorded.


Facebook Media Tips: Things to think about when you go live:

  • Good description
  • Tease live video beforehand
  • Ask for likes and follows


Behind the Scenes with Facebook Advertising

Matthew Idema, VP of Monetization and Product Marketing
Facebook lifts the veil on when they monetize all of their products.   Mark answered this question in a previous earnings call:

“First, you build a great consumer experience…that helps people share in a new way that’s really important. Then, after that, you can start to introduce organic ways that people can interact with businesses…Only once you have that ramped up to a good scale can you really start dialing up advertising, having that feel good and be a good part of the experience.”

What it means for you:
This is a great way to understand how they operate.  Everything will eventually flip to paid.

A good approach for you if you are thinking of introducing a new product or service to your business.


New Branded Content Policy from Facebook
For those marketers and influencers that work with brands and companies you now need to tag the organizations that you are working with in your post.  This is to create more transparency for the public, more reach for the influencers and marketers and will give brands and companies another level or insights to analyze the effectiveness of the post.

What it means for you:
If you work with other organizations or professionals – verified pages or not – this is a good practice to start adopting.  If you are a brand or organization look for the new insight tool to measure the data.

If you are on either side of the equation, you should be notifying and educating those that you work with this is how you will operate moving forward.


Updates to Facebook and Messenger

To make it easier for users to communicate to businesses and organizations, Facebook is rolling out usernames.

Similar to the Twitter handle or Instagram feature with the “@” symbol.

Pages also will have a unique url to share with their audience to start a direct messenger conversation with them. This can be represented with “”.

Finally pages can have a welcome message, even before they send a message to you. Once they open the messenger browser to communicate with the page a custom message from the page will appear.

What it means for you:
Great way to take your offline and print marketing and encourage users to communicated online.

@Name is easier to remember.  The URL link can be transformed into a short code or QR code.  Finally the welcome message can lay the terms of what users can expect when communicating through messenger.


Mari Smith
Facebook is Changing How to Manage Pages

In an article by Kim Barr of Set the Barr talks about the new changes that are coming.

1.) You will no longer be able to access all your pages in the top right drop down.  It will soon exist in the menu bar on the left.

2.) Top right icons will be for your personal page only.  Your personal account picture will always remain at the top.

3.) If you visit other pages, you are liking them as your own account.  To like them as the page you need to click on the 3 dots that appear on their account and like as page and then choose the page.

4.) To view other pages you follow as your page that will be in the New Pages Feed on the left once you are in your page view.

5.) If you are commenting on the accounts you manage you have the ability to post as yourself, the account or another page.  Make sure you are set to the correct one. There will be a drop down of options.

What it means for you:
New interface and be very careful commenting and interacting with other pages.  Before you could do this on auto pilot now you need to think about it.

Folks, if you’ve recently noticed a change in how you access your Facebook pages as yourself vs. the page, and wondering…

Posted by Mari Smith on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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