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Social Eyes Podcast #15 | April 17 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.  This week’s news surrounds the Facebook F8 Summit news.

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Podcast Notes:

Facebook F8 Summit

Messenger Platform API & Messenger Bots

Facebook launched a Messenger Platform API that allows App and Tech specialists to create Messenger Bots.

Messenger Bots are automated conversation between a user and Messenger to get specific information:

Shopping, Receipts, Weather, News, etc.  It is like texting with a robot.

Facebook is supplying information on how to create a Messenger Bot however, they need to be submitted for review.


Messenger Codes – Specific URL, page owners can share to open up an immediate conversation with their Facebook Messenger.

Facebook News Feed Ads will connect to opening of threads to encourage conversations.

User Controls & Messenger Policies – Users have the ability to mute or block conversations and Business Pages and Developers have strict policies they need to abide by.

What it means for you:
As a business you have more digital tools to conversation with your online audience and interacting with them in an environment they are highly engaged in.

This can be as simple as turning on the function on your page and letting Fans know they now have an additional way to reach you.  Or if you are more advanced or wish to be, think how a Bot could help your business in developing a better communication process with your audience.


10 Year Road Map – Released a 10 year road map that talks about making the world more open and connected.

Facebook F8 10 Year Roadmap

Image Courtesy


Facebook Surround 360 – Releasing the design code for a tool to capture 360 video that includes 17 cameras and a way to stitch the video together.

Video Profile Pictures – Using approved third party apps. Many developer tools that allow to better test and see the analytics on the specific tools.


Quote Sharing and Save Button


Internet Satellites that will bring internet to the world.  The new system will increase speed and efficiency of the internet to underdeveloped areas of the world.

Artificial Intelligence more efforts for language translation, making it easier to communicate.  Example of technology reading the content in videos to those who are blind.

Social Virtual Reality – Right now VR is a more personal experience but they are building as a way to communicate with others avatars around the world. Example taking a virtual selfie with a friend who is across the world.

They are working on “combining a sense of presence with the ability to interact with the environment and communicating through body language as well as voice.”


Live stream from anywhere – Live broadcasting has been opened up and you can live stream from all sorts of devices. Phones, Cameras, Drones, opportunities are endless.


What it means for you:
Communication is the key to all of these updates. How you communicate to your audience with Facebook and Social Media is going to be even easier.   Make an effort to ask questions, get your audience to engage with you and interact with you pages.  The changes may not impact you now but you can start adopting these practices now to be prepared down the line.


Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Goes to Space

Mari Smith – Scannable QR code to open Messenger

QR Codes Meets Messenger but includes your profile picture.  Built into the Messenger App on iOS click people, scan code and there are two options my code to receive your own.  You can upload other places or snap a picture.  Or you can choose the second option to scan code and scan others’ codes.

View mine here:


Facebook Live Stream Camera


How to make a 7 Second Profile Photo

“Wowee, check this out. Create a 7-second personal profile video with the Cinemagraph Pro for iOS app by Flixel. The app now has Facebook integration. And it’s FREE. (A cinemagraph is a photograph with just a hint of movement.) Do you have the new video feature on your Facebook profile? Lots of fun!”

Facebook Rights Manager takes down Freebooting

Facebook Rights Manager is set of tools to help publishers and creators manage and protect their own Video content when shared on Facebook.  Video matching technology that will allow them to monitor and take down any content that is replicated in the wrong place.

Create rules on how your content is shared.

Can be found in Insights –> Publishing Tools.


Facebook Dropbox integration

More button in Messenger has a Dropbox option to allow you share content and images from your Dropbox. Available iOS and Android.



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