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Social Eyes Podcast #17 | May 9 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.

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Podcast Notes: 


Facebook introduces: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Windows Apps

  • Facebook for Windows 10
  • Messenger for Windows 10
  • Instagram for Windows 10
    • Have a faster, better experience with the latest news displayed within tiles on your desktop.
  • Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile

What it means for you:
A faster, more enhanced experience in your desktop view with news being updated directly in the tile.


Facebook Celebrates Small Business Week on the SBA Facebook Page.

Each day Facebook’s Vice President of small business, Dan Levy, and Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer, Marne Levine share small business marketing tips on the SBA Facebook Page.

May 1 – Tip Think Mobile First

May 2 – Tip Pay It Forward

May 3 Tip Keep Practicing

May 4 Tip Be Authentic

May 5 Tip Show Don’t Tell

May 6 Tip Know Your Objective

What this means for you:
Facebook is making a huge initiative of educating the small business community to understand their products and tools better.  These videos are less than 5 minutes.  Take 20 minutes of your day and watch them to learn from the Facebook and Instagram Executives themselves.


Tips on how to use Facebook Lead Ads

These are ads that have customized pre-populated forms that make it easier on the Facebook viewer to get the information they are looking for.  Example:  Of collecting information of interested attendees for an online course.  They have tips on:

  • Setting up your campaign
  • Targeting
  • Choosing ad creative
  • Creating lead forms
  • Optimizing your campaign
  • Responding to leads
  • Measuring success

What it means for you: Lead Ads are a powerful and effective way to convert leads faster with Facebook.  However, it is an advanced level of the ad format, and requires research, knowledge and some work setting up the ads to make them work better for your business.


Facebook Looks To Create a Class C Stock 

Not much news from Facebook:  Submit a proposal to set up class C stock to SEC and will be voted on in Stockholders meeting on June 20th.  Set up to make Facebook more sustainable long term and to achieve long term goals bring the internet to the world, cure disease, etc.


Letter from Mark Zuckerberg

“When I look out at the future, I see more bold moves ahead of us than behind us. We’re focused not on what Facebook is today, but on what it can be, and what it needs to be for our community. That means investing in areas like spreading connectivity, building artificial intelligence and developing virtual and augmented reality. I am committed to our mission and to leading Facebook there over the long term.”


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Released Quarterly Results (Q1 2016)


Mari Smith Clears Up The Controversy Surrounding Facebook’s New Branded Content Policy

What it means for you?
This will hardly impact the majority of those that listen to the podcast.  It is specifically for user accounts that are verified with the blue check mark.


Facebook Live Comes to Android

Mashable is reporting that Facebook Live Video is being released to Android Users.

What it means for you
Facebook has been making big moves with Facebook Live Video however a large chunk of their user community was being left out as they were “droid users”.  Now this feature is being made available to the entire community.




Twitter Updates Connect Tab

This update is to help users find it easier to connect with other accounts.  It is located in the top left of your screen, person plus icon.   Gives suggestions based on your own account activity like:

  • Those you already follow
  • Tweets you like
  • Popular accounts in your local area
  • What’s happening in the world right now
  • And more

What it means for you:
If you want to grow your Twitter following and connect with more relevant accounts this is a great resource that does the work for you.


Twitter Updates Reporting Structure    

If you find an offensive account or Tweets within Twitter you have the ability to report the account. Now you have the ability to attach multiple offensive tweets to one report. Rather than having to submit multiple reports for one user.

What it means for you

This is a practice that I have developed over time on my own.  If accounts connect to me for false reasons or if it clear they are in violation of community standards I will report the accounts. I believe in the power of the platforms and do my best to make it the best environment for me and others. Rather than ignore it,  I take a few extra steps to report the account.




Google Introduces Tilt Brush – 3D Virtual Reality Painting

What it means for you:

This is where 3D Video and Virtual Reality is headed. Being able to create worlds with our imagination. This shows what is in store for the future and the technology is becoming available to us very quickly.

Learn more about Tilt Brush

  1. Set up your HTC Vive. (Buy at Microsoft Stores or Gamestop Stores – limited locations)
  2. Install Steam and launch Tilt Brush.
  3. Create your masterpiece.



Sponsor Update 

This podcast is brought to you by the JO Social Branding Small Business Email Marketing Series.  This is a Monthly Email Marketing Program that I launched in April, aimed to help small business owners unlock the power of email marketing.  This 5 month series walks business owners through the various steps of email marketing, from growing your list, to figuring out what content to use, and understanding how to measure effectiveness of your email marketing by analyzing the reporting numbers.

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Periscope is Beta Testing a Video Archive Feature

In an effort to compete against Facebook Live, reports indicated Periscope is testing a new feature.  You can simply use the #save hashtag in your Title.

What is means for you:
Before users had to be strategic about using live video that would disappear in 24 hours.  If this feature comes out of testing you could do a tips series, or share a series of videos with a specific hashtag to keep engaged with your online community.


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