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Social Eyes Podcast #18 | MAY 15 2016

In this session of the JO Social Branding “Social Eyes” Podcast we will be discussing the latest news in social media that was announced this past week.

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Podcast Notes:


How Trending Topics Works

Facebook explains why they introduced trending topics in 2014, what they define as a trending topic, how it works and how the team that supports the product supports it.

Trending topics only are tied to current news events and surface on their own.  They cannot be submit by a business or brand.

What this means for you:
Trending topics is a great way to communicate to a larger audience, show how worldly you are and sometimes get your content thrown into the mix of the bigger news.

Cape ann animal aid tom brady example.


Dynamic Ads for Instagram

1 in 5 gifts bought during the holiday season was purchased on mobile.

Dynamic Ads are on Facebook but now are being offered to Instagram as well.

Dynamic Ads automate product advertising by showing people ads featuring items they’ve expressed interest in—either by viewing it or adding it to their cart—or items related to ones they’ve shown interest in or purchased. And now businesses using Dynamic Ads can can easily connect with more potential customers on mobile.

“After seeing success with Dynamic Ads on Facebook, Canada-based jewelry retailer, Jewlr, was one of the first businesses to try Dynamic Ads on Instagram. Their campaign targeted people in the US who viewed or added a product to their cart from the Jewlr website, but hadn’t followed through with a purchase. So far, Jewlr is seeing strong results with their Dynamic Ads on Instagram, with a return on ad spend exceeding 3X.”

What is means for you:
Since Facebook is making specific ads available on Instagram, I can see others carrying over as well. Try out Instagram Ads, it is cheaper to do an ad on Facebook and Instagram than on both. Get more reach and leverage and eventually more sales.


Introducing Dynamic Ads for Travel

Dynamic Ads by introducing new travel-specific dimensions, including location and time. With Dynamic Ads for travel, advertisers can show relevant messages to people who have expressed interest in traveling to specific destinations and during specific dates.  In testing with advertisers now.


Tips on Using Lead Ads for Your Business

If you have a lead generator to get people to opt in to your list this is a good tool to use.  But can be used in many different ways for your business. Facebook provides tips on:

  • Setting up your campaign
  • Targeting
  • Choosing ad creative
  • Creating lead forms
  • Optimizing your campaign
  • Responding to leads
  • Measuring success


Mari Smith

Facebook “Rise and Shine” to Replace Morning Shows

What it means for you:
More information at your fingertips, no need to leave Instagram. If successful could it replace YouTube channels?




New icon and brand for Instagram and all the products, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.  Gradient rainbow with white.

Each of the apps have a simpler layouts also help the images pop more.


What it means for you:
Easier to use the tool.




Gboard – New iPhone App.

Search directly within a text message for information, gif, emojis, etc.

iPhone users—this one’s for you. Meet Gboard, a new app for your iPhone that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more, right from your keyboard.


What it means for you:
Easier to find information that you need and use the tool in the messenger interface.


Tap to Translate for Android

Highlight text that you want to translate and a pop up will appear. Also included Translate Lens, take a picture and it will translate the language on the screen for you.

What it means for you:
Easier to translate languages, saves time in using multiple apps, but this could be very useful on trips to other countries with there is a language gap.




Chat with Friends within new Native Sharing Feature in YouTube App

Rather than having to copy the link or go back and find the content that you want to share.  Now you can send that content directly within the YouTube App to those that you follow.

“Starting today, so-called native sharing will go live for a small percentage of YouTube users. They can then spread the feature to their friends by inviting them into conversation threads. Friends can chat about the shared video right inside YouTube’s mobile app. They can also reply with another video. The message threads reside within a new tab on YouTube’s mobile app so groups can dip in and out of conversations and catch up on what they missed or add new videos of their own.”




New Periscope Updates Coming

  • Broadcast Search – easier to find others’ broadcasts
  • Drones – new perspectives, connect with iPhones and toggle between your video and drones one.
  • Save Beyond 24 Hours – broadcasts can be automatically saved on Periscope and Twitter with comments and hearts. If you want to take it down you can or if you like the 24 hours setting you can choose a preference in your settings.

What it means for you: Periscope is trying to differentiate between Facebook Live Video so you have reason to interact over there rather than elsewhere.



Sponsor Update 

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Pinterest Now Allows Affiliate Links

New Spam detection tool allows Pinterest to let bloggers and affiliate marketers bring that type of content to their platform.  No updates need to be made, their policy has been lifted.

What this means for you:
Great way to start sharing content with affiliate links on a highly active platform.




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