Social Media Takes Time

imageAs I was teaching my Intro to Social Media course last night at North Shore Community College, one of my students stated, “So based on what you said, it looks like building your social media takes time.”  A great assumption made by my student and so often misconceived by the general public.  Social media never stops.  There will always be a post to share, a friend to connect with or a message to send.

However, there are ways to make social media more manageable.  The first thing is creating a social media strategy.  Plan out what you will do, when you will do it and how you will get there.  Here are 6 steps to construct your social media marketing strategy.

  1. First you need to know which each platform stands for.  View my Intro to Social Media Presentation to understand the purpose of each of the platforms and how to use them for your business.
  2. Choose which platform(s) works for you.  Here is a secret…you don’t need to be on every one.  Just the ones your customers use.
  3. Now plan out your social media strategy.
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Which platforms do they use?
    • Which ones will you use?
    • How will you use this platform?  Will you share information, post pictures, blog posts, develop your industry credibility, network, etc.? Figure out your purpose for being there.
    • How are you going to talk to your target market on each platform?  ou don’t want to sell all the time.  You want to make sure you talk and engage with your audience.
    • What are your 3 social media goals that you hope to accomplish and how will you complete them?
    • How often are you going to update these accounts on a daily basis?
    • How will you measure your results?  Set reachable monthly goals i.e. how many new fans, followers, Pinners, likes, etc. that you hope to add in a specific time period.  You can always adjust accordingly when you are comfortable.
  4. Once you have a strategy, develop a timeline of how you will do this.  Focus on one platform one month; build it up and spend some time with it, then move onto the next and develop that.  Do you want to add a blog/email/newsletter campaign?  Where does that logically fit in with the rest of your accounts?  This timeline will help you stay on track with your marketing strategy.
  5. Build an editorial calendar.  Think of holidays, industry events, local events that you can participate in or promote.  Use your calendar as a guide to schedule posts.  Always plan ahead.
  6. Get to work! Start working on your accounts, start sharing information, continue to work and build your accounts.

It takes time but if you perform these steps and plan your strategy – you will be amazed at how your numbers steadily increase and your audience becomes more engaged!  If you invest the time it will pay off.

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