Spark & Hustle Part 1 – Finding Sisterhood

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This past weekend I attended my second Spark and Hustle conference and I have so much to share with you!  My first Spark and Hustle experience was in June 2013 and was phenomenal. That is why I didn’t think twice about hoping a plane, with my mentor and friend Stephanie, to attend the 4 year celebration event in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, October 18th.

For those of you who are unaware what Spark and Hustle is, it is a women (and mens’) empowerment conference for business entrepreneurs. Tory Johnson and Coach Jenn Lee are the hostesses. They bring together entrepreneurs who share their stories of success, fighting through adversity, lessons learned from failure and women’s empowerment to the stage.

In one day I connected, spoke to and made friends with amazing and inspiring women who are changing the world. Whether they want to give all of their income to charity or wish to travel to Brazil to create programs to help orphans. These women are all at the conference for one thing and that is:

To be better than they were yesterday.

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When I say the energy in the room is palpable – this is an understatement. The room was bubbling with extraordinary energy and it was contagious. This post is my personal experience at Spark and Hustle, others will focus on the women I met and the practices you can implement in your own business.

A little background:
After returning from my first Spark and Hustle conference and talking nonstop about it with Stephanie, she actually wanted to join me on this trip. Stephanie is an amazing writer at as well as the mastermind behind #BFAT. She didn’t know how much she would take away from this conference, being a writer, but wanted to see what it was about. She was inspired enough to make a weekend of it and fly down the east coast with me.

I admit I was a little nervous the night before. ‘What if’s’ hit my brain. The main one being, “What if the first conference was a fluke and this one wasn’t as good, and I made her fly all this way?” I should have known better than to think like this. She walked away with answers to questions she has asked herself for months! She left the conference, inspired with new connections to help her career.

Towards the end of the conference, she turned to me and said, “Today I found sisterhood.” I bubbled up inside because she got it. That was the feeling I had when I attended my first event. Spark and Hustle women call each other their BBFS or ‘Business Best Friends’.

Imagine being in a conference room with 500 Barbara Corcorans. These are successful women business owners. ‘Success’ being defined as whether they created a million dollar business or in the process of starting one. During the conference, as speakers’ talked of their triumphs and struggles, themes started to appear. It became apparent, we all have the same issues and are pushing that same glass ceiling. Tweet this.

“I hated my job, I was doing the work of multiple people and not being recognized, I was laid off, I took a severance package, I wanted to help and inspire others”.

This all lead to them taking action, moving onto something they were passionate about and making a business of it.

What really opened my eyes is that BBFS are there to help one another. We all want to succeed and rule the world – together. This comes directly from Tory Johnson and Coach Jenn Lee. They are there for you, they talk to you. If you need help, they offer assistance to everyone in that room. Really! I told Stephanie this before and she didn’t fully understand the level of sincerity until she witnessed it.

Personally for me, I was so accustom to being stabbed in the back, talked bad upon, the victim of jealousy, all through high school and post high school, that I lost hope when it came to trusting women. As a defense, I kept my inner circle very small. This blew my mind that there was a room full of women who wanted to help me and see me be successful.

Starting a business is a terrifying journey. You push yourself in ways you never thought possible. It is easy to second guess, to question your choice and to question your sanity. But being in that room, feeling the energy, finding that support, it reassured me I was in the right place. These women have my back and I have theirs. It is sisterhood, it is mentorship, it is going back to the main thing most women have in their DNA, and that is nurturing. Tweet this.

The one thing that was new this year, is there were young girls in the audience. They want to follow in their mothers, sisters, aunts, etc. footsteps. It is beyond inspiring to see we are not only changing the world today, we are inspiring and paving the path for future generations – and preparing them to follow their dreams. Tweet this.

Are you interested – or know someone – that would like to learn more about Spark and Hustle? Check out the website and keep your eye out for events in the coming year.

#BFAT – it means be f—-ing awesome today. Tweet this.

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